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How SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA Became the Top News Brand on Social Media

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Sky News Australia is claiming a significant expansion in its audience base, boasting an interaction with 11.1 million Australians each month.

This information is part of the Sky News Australia Audience Study 2023, which sheds light on the evolving news consumption trends and preferences among Australian audiences.

Multiplatform Strategy Fuels Growth

Under the leadership of Paul Whittaker, the network’s Chief Executive Officer, Sky News Australia has successfully amplified its content offerings across various digital platforms. These platforms include the Flash news streaming service, Sky News Radio via Nova Player, Sky News Now on Samsung TV Plus, and a revamped Sky News Australia app. Whittaker attributes this multiplatform approach as a significant factor in the news outlet’s sustained growth.

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A Leader in the Digital Space

Whittaker emphasised the channel’s top-ranking status on Foxtel as the number one non-sports channel, alongside the continued growth of its free-to-air counterpart, Sky News Regional. The study highlighted that Sky News has become Australia’s most-followed news brand on social media, driven largely by engagement across both new and existing digital platforms.

Key Findings and Demographics

According to the study, conducted by Hoop Research Group, the average age of a Sky News viewer is 45. The research indicates a substantial uptick in digital consumption across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the Sky News website, compared to the data from 2021. Remarkably, viewership has grown by 21.5% since the 2021 report, reaching 42% of the Australian population every month.

News Source Diversity

The study also revealed that the average Sky News viewer is more diversified in their news consumption than others, accessing 6.4 unique news outlets compared to the 3.4 accessed by non-Sky News viewers. Australians in general have also increased their news source access, now averaging 4.3 sources compared to 3.7 in 2021.

What Matters to Aussies

Across all generational groups—Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z—the cost of living emerged as the most pressing concern. Following closely were issues around health and the hospital system, except for Gen Z, who listed housing shortage as their second major concern.

Advertising and Commercial Aspects

Cathryn Adams, Sky News Australia’s Commercial Director, stated that the study aids in understanding not just consumer behaviour but also the effectiveness of advertising. Sky News viewers are significantly more likely to consider making purchases across various categories, including streaming media, travel services, and household goods.

Validation and Community Relevance

Liz Farquharson, Director of Hoop Research Group, lauded the network’s multiplatform strategy for not just expanding its audience but also for attracting a younger and more diverse demographic. A significant boost in community-relevant content and a 37% rise in support for Sky News sponsors were among the other notable findings.

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For more comprehensive insights, the full report can be accessed at Sky News Audience Study 2023.

The Sky News Australia Audience Study was based on a survey of 2,034 Australians aged 18-75. The survey was designed to reflect ABS population estimates and the presence of Foxtel in the market.

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