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SKY NEWS debuts new political podcast series ABBOTT & CREDLIN

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‘Abbott & Credlin’ a new eight-part podcast series unpacking the state of politics in Australia and Around the World.

Sky News Australia has launched a new eight-part podcast series – Abbott & Credlin – co-hosted by former Australian Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott AC and Sky News Credlin Anchor Peta Credlin AO, who served as Abbott’s Chief of Staff during his tenure as Prime Minister, and Leader of the Opposition.

Available now with new episodes streaming fortnightly, the exclusive Abbott & Credlin podcast will discuss contemporary political topics and examine the most important issues facing Australians.

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Abbott and Credlin (Image - Sky News)
Abbott and Credlin (Image – Sky News)

Peta Credlin pointed to the important role the new podcast will play in debating the issues at the forefront of politics.

“When you host a nightly program as I do, the ‘urgent’ issues to be discussed tend to crowd out the ‘important’.

So, it’s a pleasure to have the time this podcast allows to stop and take stock of how the centre-right is travelling here, and around the world, and to debate some of the issues that are at the forefront of politics. And those that aren’t at the forefront, but should be,”

“While we are both conservatives, there’s shades of grey in some of our views. We don’t always agree but we both love the contest of ideas. And the debate too, that’s more and more endangered in our public life these days.

We want to use this podcast series to spark a conversation amongst anyone who is concerned about where our country is headed and wanting to get more involved in defending what we both still believe is the best country on earth.

“This podcast series will invite you into some of the same sort of discussions we used to have – and still have – behind closed doors. Only this time, you’ll have a seat at the table,”

Tony Abbott welcomed the opportunity to provide his unique perspective on history and ideas of conservatism.

“This podcast is an opportunity to go deeper than the politics of the day, to unpack the history and the ideas that makes conservatism tick. Amidst all the cries that conservatism is set for long-term decline, this podcast will demonstrate how we’ve been here before, and come back, even stronger.

“I hope that people who are not on the centre-right of politics will have a greater understanding of why, who, and what we are, and have a greater degree of appreciation even if not necessarily agreement,”   

In episode one of Abbott & Credlin, the co-hosts discuss the importance of conservatives telling their own story, and the need for those in public life to serve with purpose to bring about beneficial change. The pair also discuss the current state of conservative politics in Australia and draw inspiration from past successes of conservative leaders around the world.

Abbott & Credlin’s premiere episode is available to listen now on the Sky News Australia mobile app and wherever you find your podcasts, including the Nova Player, Spotify, Google or Apple.

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