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Explore a bygone era in colour in new documentary special VICTORIAN BRITAIN ON FILM

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Victorian Britain on Film offers audiences a unique window into a bygone era when a thrilling new invention, the motion picture camera, first captures a nation on film.

Most of these films have been transformed by colourising them for the first time.

They offer a rare portrait of a powerful and prosperous nation – and Empire – on the cusp of great change.

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Historians, filmmakers, authors and those with direct connections to the films will explore the intricacies and contradictions of everyday Victorian life shown in these films, from triumphant events and disasters, to the unveiling of secret desires, from the life of infamous criminals to Victorian sporting passions, soldiers at war and children at play…all will feature in these films from the last decade of Queen Victoria’s reign.

VICTORIAN BRITAIN ON FILM – 90 Minute Special Australian Premiere airs Monday April 4 at 8.30pm on HISTORY or watch On Demand

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