Finale time! THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST with Nic and Molk!


It’s a finale, so we all knew what we were gonna get…and in the end while there were sparks it was more fizz than fire. But it was still good!

It’s the aftermath of Cherry‘s 40th birthday party, and Kylie/Kyla is still all making it about herself. Natch.

Janet seems to be steering clear of everyone, and Jackie is pissed off. She won’t have her bestie frozen out. Meanwhile Gamble is willing to take on all comers, and Simone is happy to remind everyone how it should work, even though we’re on a Housewives franchise.

Did you get the feeling the trial run for Kylie/Kyla’s party was almost a trial run for the reunion? It just didn’t get as out of control as we’ve seen in the past, however it did give us some marvellous moments. Oh, and those cards wrapping up the season for each (remaining) player.

It’s been quite the ride, and we’re still bummed that we won’t get a chance to see them come back together and have at each other. Perhaps it was the lawyers who said no?

So, this season we’ll leave you with this nugget of Gamble gold:

Thanks so much for joining us this season THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST WITH NIC AND MOLK. We’ve had such a great time bringing you all this stupidity, and we really appreciate those that joined us live every Sunday night.

The good news for you all is you can continue to join us from NEXT SEASON(!) when we’ll return to get very messy with however signs back up for THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MELBOURNE (season six). Thanks Dahlings!

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Steve Molk
Steve Molk is sharply focused on the business of TV in Australia across all its formats - FTA broadcast, commercial, subscription, catch up & BVOD. Based on the Central Coast of NSW he's a passionate advocate for Australian-made programming, particularly drama and comedy. He loves podcasting, gaming & watching too much TV. For all media enquiries please call or text 0401-709-405



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