Season 4 of mind-bending HBO drama WESTWORLD arrives today on BINGE and FOXTEL

The official trailer for the Emmy winning sci-fi drama series Westworld, starring an exceptional cast including Emmy winner Thandiwe Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright, has been released ahead of the return of its fourth season.

Who murdered and dumped BELINDA WILLIAMS? – This week on MILLION DOLLAR MURDERS

On a cold wintry evening, in June 1999, Belinda Williams’ 6-year-old daughter, was frightened by the dark, so her mum tucked her back into bed and read her to sleep with fairy tales.

Just what did Janet do?! The UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST with Nic and Molk are on the case!


Meet the cast of AUSTRALIAN NINJA WARRIOR 2022 on Channel 9

Our teens will face off with a battle-hardened field of fan favourites, including last year’s furthest fastest Ninja, Zak Stolz, alongside Ashlin Herbert, Ben Polson, Olivia Vivian and Fred Dorrington.

REVEALED | Six brand new shows on the way as Channel 10 moves PILOT WEEK exclusive to 10 PLAY

Unlike past years, Channel 10 appears to be avoiding a free-to-air broadcast for any of the six 'unique local" pilots, with the network is instead opting to make the experience exclusive to its 10 Play streaming platform.
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Nobody really cares about the pretend tea ad, and Gamble’s album launch is interesting…but what we really want to see is drunk housewives and the controversy between Kylie and Janet.

I mean, sure – there’s filler, but what we’re all concerned with on this week’s The Real Housewives of Melbourne is the blow up over what Janet did or didn’t do at The Narcissist‘s place.

Who doesn’t love watching drunk people do drunk things? Just as we thought it was all happy families with the housewives after Kylie/Kyla and Cherry struggle after getting on the turps (to be fair, so does Gamble), Kylie/Kyla cannot help herself but bring up a controversy she seems solely responsible for.

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BTW – did you know Simone looks absolutely banging in just about anything? Confirmed in tonight’s ep.

Gamble’s album launch is uneventful, other than Rick being besotted with his wife (as he should be). It just serves as the opportunity for us to check out Cherry in those pleather pants, for Jackie to give us some of the best facials yet, and for Kylie/Kyla to not be able to control herself and pick at a scab that ends up with her storming out.

It did give us this alternate ringtone that you might want to use:

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