BIG BROTHER EXCLUSIVE | Katie heartbroken (and almost in tears) over SJ’s betrayal


The victim of the biggest blindside of the week almost breaks down during an interview while talking about SJ

Katie upset over SJ voting her out on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show

She was a challenge beast, formed strong alliances and controlled the game at times, but this week Katie was evicted from the Big Brother house in a twist no-one saw coming.

Although she’s tough as nails, Katie was visibly shaken during an interview on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show when attention turned to fellow competitor SJ. When asked if she was surprised that SJ turned on her, Katie couldn’t hide her disappointment. Looking down towards the floor Katie took a moment before answering:

“Completely. Completely surprised and I am really struggling with it still, now”

Jiggling on camera in a level of discomfort, Katie revealed why SJ’s betrayal had affected her so much:

“Because I was fiercely loyal and although people did see me shake Nick’s hand and say I’m not going to go for you, for everyone else that I had their back, I genuinely had their back. I rooted for them, I rallied for them. You know, Mel saw me in action, if you were on my side I would put my body on the line and I put my body on the line so much for SJ and then when I needed her vote – the one time I needed her vote – she wasn’t there for me and it hurts, it still hurts.”

*To watch the interview with Katie & Mel go to 1.02.20 in the player below

Katie’s genuine hurt is palpable in the video and her account of events is backed up by fellow housemate Mel, who also took part in the interview:

“Katie is right. We tried so many times to get SJ out and Katie literally fought like she was on the line. It was like Katie battled hard for SJ to stay several times. I was surprised”

The interview, which aired on Thursday night, brought together Mel and Katie for their first public reunion. Katie had orchestrated Mel’s eviction, but the two have since become friends outside of the house.

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