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MAFS RECAP | Commitment Ceremony Chaos and Cheating on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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The couples have had a huge week of relationship ups and downs with this year’s Couples Retreat, but heading into Sunday nights Commitment Ceremony, all that’s on anyone’s lips is the shocking revelation from last night’s Dinner Party that Sara has been catching up with her ex-boyfriend whilst in the experiment with Tim.

The first couple to face the experts is Lucinda and Timothy, who display a real shift on the couch. Timothy explains that he had an emotional breakdown – or break through – at the retreat, culminating in a deeply bonding hug between himself and Lucinda. Expert John observes that the couple stands a genuine chance at a romantic relationship, because Timothy’s walls are down. Both write stay.

Next up is Eden and Jayden. Eden spent the retreat burdened by Sara’s text about planning to visit an ex, and on the couch, the couple discussed how Eden’s resulting anxiety caused issues between her and Jayden. Ultimately, their struggles were a learning process that has brought the couple closer than ever, and both reveal they have written stay.

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When Cassandra and Tristan arrive at the couch, Tristan is bouncing with excitement. He reveals to the experts that he told Cassandra he loves her! But the angst on Cassandra’s face is hard to ignore, and when pressed she reveals that she doesn’t reciprocate Tristan’s feelings. But it gets worse for Tristan when come decision-time, Cassandra has written leave, prompting the experts to drive home to Tristan that Cassandra is slipping through his fingers. Tristan will keep fighting for her.

Andrea and Richard’s mood quickly unravels when it’s revealed that the couple haven’t been intimate in weeks, and a shared resentment for the state of their relationship bubbles to the surface. Expert Mel suggests that they’re not listening to each other and that this is a critical point in their relationship. They have both written stay.

Next up is Lauren and Jono, who are feeling the positive effects of the retreat and their quality time spent together. They have both written stay. Jade and Ridge are also in a loved-up place, with Ridge even recently meeting Jade’s daughter. They have both written stay.

Michael and Stephen are coming off a tough week, where Stephen revealed to Michael that he felt a spark with a hairdresser before they joined the Couples Retreat. Expert John is disappointed in Stephen and wonders if he ever gave his all to this experiment. For Michael, the journey has been difficult from the very start and the outcome is deeply disappointing. They have both written leave.

Next up on the couch is Tori and Jack. Jack has once again been at the centre of the drama this week, culminating in his comment at the retreat around the pool that the “whales are out,” which offended an insecure Tristan. Expert John rattles off the extensive list of Jack’s wrongdoings from the start of the experiment. But while Jack tries to move on, Tori admits her trust for her husband has been shaken. Jack writes stay, and while the group hopes Tori will write differently, she chooses to stay as well.

Last but certainly not least is Sara and Tim. After last night’s shock revelation that Sara met up with her ex, the experts want answers. Sara insists that her relationship with her ex has been strictly platonic for years, but Expert Alessandra recalls hearing that Sara slept with her ex a month before the experiment started. Sara attempts to explain herself.

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When Tim tries to explain how Sara has hurt him, Sara shuts him down. This leads to a discussion about Sara’s fight style and her treatment of Tim throughout the experiment. Eventually, Tim says his trust is broken, and he has written leave.

But to everyone’s surprise, Sara chooses to stay, as she’s determined to make it up to Tim and win back his trust.

Married At First Sight continues 7:30pm tonight on Channel 9 and 9Now

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  1. The people who go through the scientific of these people need to re look even I can tell a blagger and an idiot

  2. It’s all done just for TV and viewing figures. There’s probably a couple of plausible matches in there but the rest are all to keep people tuning in.

  3. It was brilliant show at first but now it’s all that want 5 mins of fame .get real people that aren’t fake .not glamorous.


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