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MAFS RECAP | Byron Bay beckons for the couples on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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Last night’s Commitment Ceremony has sent shockwaves through the group as Jack’s revealing comments about his relationship create doubts about his true feelings towards Tori.

Everyone is further questioning Jack’s intentions and Tori is feeling uncertain about where she stands.

Down the hall, Sara and Tim have renewed hope in their relationship after their heartfelt conversation on the couch, and Tim commits to showing Sara his assertive side in order to unlock the softer side of her that he desires.

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However, as the dust from the Commitment Ceremony settles, Stephen and Michael confront yet another challenge. After a shocking incident at the hairdresser’s leaves Michael shattered and Stephen questioning his attraction to Michael more than ever.

With tensions reaching boiling point, the couples escape Skye Suites and head to the serene and tranquil Byron Bay for the annual Couple’s Retreat.

For some, this year’s retreat promises a much-needed break from the pressures of the experiment as the couples spend time together, strengthen bonds, and seek support within the group.

Whilst the retreat is a revelation for some, others discover that the intimate setting leaves nowhere to hide, as secrets are exposed, and relationships are put to the test.

No one is more excited about the trip than Byron Bay local, Lucinda. But when a seemingly innocent game triggers a significant moment of vulnerability from Timothy, he experiences an emotional breakthrough that promises to transform his relationship with Lucinda.

When information that Jack has been inappropriate with one of the brides comes to light, Sara and Lauren are determined to break the news to Tori.

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A Girls and Boys night presents Sara and Lauren with a rare opportunity to speak with Tori alone to help her see the truth about Jack. The revelation about Jack’s behaviour leaves Tori shocked and ready to confront him.

Meanwhile, as the pressure mounts, Sara finds herself under even greater strain when Tim’s lack of response to a heated altercation between Sara and Michael places their marriage on shaky ground, once again.

Married At First Sight continues tonight, 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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