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RECAP | Hardly A Winna, CHARLES 9th Person Eliminated From AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR

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We’re late off the docks this year but just in time for Survivor Sunday. Let’s recap Australian Survivor 2024. Titans Vs Rebels S9 Ep 10, on Channel 10 and 10 play.

It’s Day 21 on Titans vs Rebels and the Rebels camp is still feeling the fall out of their latest tribemate Garrett’s eviction. Ferra’s and Kirby are this years cat-and-mouse, George vs Hayley, they have been gunning at each other for the past few tribals and haven’t given up since.

Kelli calls out Aileen for voting against her but Eileen is adamant it was all part of a plan to get rid of Garrett. Someone pass Aileen a shovel because she’s digging herself into a deeper hole after offending Kelli, then begging Kirby to join her alliance right in front of Ferras – her previous alliance party. Her eyes dart between the two of them. She’s been caught red handed.

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There’s too much drama this episode, there’s no time for reward and we go straight to the immunity challenge.

At first it looks like the Titans have it in the bag – yes, I am making a lot more innuendo puns than JLP did – but the Rebels catch up and overtake the titans in the final catching part of the challenge thanks to Jaden’s perfect aim. The Titans are confused as they hear the rebels cheering.

Australian Survivor, (Image - 10 Play)
Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels (Image – 10 Play)

“I only hit three’s, baby!”

– Jaden

Meanwhile in the bleachers, whilst everyone is destroying their kneecaps, Aileen keeps pestering Valeria to involve her in her alliance.

“Aileen is reaching out to me because she is very nervous and she should be nervous.” Valeria warns the camera as she mentally prepares for the Titans tribe to go to council.

The OG Titans, the 3 beans – Winna, Charles and Valeria – have weaseled their way through the competition as a minority whilst the rest of the tribe has been distracted by the Kirby vs Ferras saga. Everyone has been constantly speculating about whether or not Ferras has an idol, we remember that Winna actually has one too.

With a shovel in hand, Aileen is now playing a double agent, pitching to Ferras, Kirby and the OG Titans. It doesn’t bode well with anyone on the tribe. Even Ferras is looking desperate asking Kirby how she plans to survive merge without him.

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At tribal council, tribal becomes messier than a hoarders house. Aileen pitches ‘OG rebel strong’ one more time and the OG titans call out her BS and Kirby declares the OG rebel strong ship sailed long ago. Valeria accuses Ferras of having poor leadership skills for not listening to his teammates. With all the salt rubbed in the wounds, JLP declares it’s time to vote… but not the way everyone thinks. Only the top 3 challenge winners can vote and they will be immune from tonight’s vote.

Australian Survivor, (Image - 10 Play)
Australian Survivor, (Image – 10 Play)

The three winners of the beanbag throwing challenge are Aileen, Kirby and Ferras. Eileen is elated to gain immunity from tonights tribal, everyone is confused because Aileen and Kirby were their main targets.

‘I am from Bankstown, I am not classy, I am petty.’ Ferras says ruefully. He’s ready to get rid of the one of the OG Titans for calling him out earlier in tribal.

The three OG Titans start to get paranoid but wait… Winna has an idol. He starts throwing shade at Ferras and Eileen to create a smokescreen and convince them to vote for him but does Ferras see through it? Winna leans into Kirby ‘who should I play it for?’ he whispers. She advises him to play it for Charles, as Ferras wants to get rid of him first.

Winna has a 1 in 3 chance of getting this vote right. It’s risky AF but Winna decides to play his idol for ‘the sushi boy’, himself.

Kirby’s face says it all, she told him to play it for Charles, this was what she planned.

Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels (Image - 10 Play)
Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels (Image – 10 Play)

First vote, Winna – does not count. The audience holds their breath. The second vote is for Raymond. This is about to get interesting… Final Vote, Charles. What? The tribe goes to a revote but Charles’ fate is already sealed.

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The challenge winners revote but Aileen and Ferra’s vote for Charles overpowers Kirby’s single vote for Raymond.

Ninth person voted out of Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels is Charles. Sighs, this Survivor gods were not on his side tonight.

Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels (Image - 10 Play)
Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels (Image – 10 Play)

Ok, so either way, it wasn’t going to work out for Winna. “They were too smart you know, they didn’t put two votes on me,” Winna said, or maybe they saw through his bad acting.

“My head hurts,”

Winna, after Tribal council.

Me too mate, me too.

Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels next airs Monday 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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