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An epic tribal sees AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR Queen HAYLEY LEAKE eliminated

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Sunday’s nights Australian survivor sees the Survivor King George overthrow the Queen. 7 Castaways remain. It’s S8 episode 19 of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villain’s. Let’s recap.

Late at night on Day 38, King George is prancing around like he called the tribal shots when Nina calls him out. Hayley decided Shaun was going home last night, not George and Nina tells George that Hayley blabbed to the tribe about him already winning $60k in the survivor Auction.

George is seeing red. It’s time to get rid of Hayley. He lost $500,000.00 to her once, no way in hell that’s happening again.

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George, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
The look of betrayal. (Image – 10)

At reward, JLP is offering the castaways the ultimate reward – hot showers and a comfy nights sleep. In more balancing, block staking fury, the reward challenge all stacks up for Liz.

Liz, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
Liz, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image – 10)

Liz takes Nina and George to the Australian Survivor luxury spa. Liz, Nina and George make a pact and brush up their acting skills for when they get back to camp. Whether Simon or Hayley win immunity, the other one goes home.

Back at camp, Hayley is suspicious. If Nina tells George the truth about Hayley, she’s gone. Hayley contemplates teaming up with Simon to eliminate George but “Simon’s a difficult puppet to control.”

Meanwhile, Simon’s alliance standards are on par with the Kardashian’s dating standards. The bar is on the floor. So when Hayley floats the idea of eliminating George with her, he is enthusiastically on board.

Nek minnut, Simon tries to convince George’s loyal apostles – Gerry and Matt – to eliminate George.

HayleyLeake, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
HayleyLeake, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image – 10)

For the immunity challenge, the teams need to start a fire and raise it with water. Liz bends the rules to help Matt beat Simon. “Burn, baby, burn!” Simon yells. His Simon’s top class fire leads him to a third immunity win.

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Simon, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
Burn baby burn! (Image – 10)

Back at camp, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Team George – George, Liz and Gerry – are voting for Hayley. George tells Matt and Hayley they are voting for Nina. Liz tells Hayley the story she practiced back at the spa, Nina and George argued at the spa and now Nina is frantically looking for an idol.

Cue in Hayley, who teams up Simon to go for George. So George is gunning for Hayley, and Hayley is going for George. This is episode is giving me serious Mr & Mrs Smith vibes.

Mr and Mrs Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith, Australian Survivor edition.

So when Hayley approaches Nina who is still pretending to search for an idol, Hayley pitches her idea to Nina to vote George.

The power has all come down to Nina to take out Survivor royalty. She’s survivor royalty herself.

HayleyLeake, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
Hayley Leake, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image – 10)

Ultimately, the Survivor Princess aligns herself with the Survivor King to take out the Survivor Queen. It’s a tribal of epic proportions that leads to the blindsiding of Queen Hayley.

Goodbye Hayley, Shane Gould would be proud. Heck, Hayley’s stoked. As a previous winner, she smashed it coming 7th in her second season.

Hayley and George, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image - 10)
The queen has been overthrown, Survivor Australia Heroes vs villains (Image – 10)

There’s so much to give in this episode. Someone give Hayley a seat on the jury, someone give Simon a Survivor etiquette manual, someone give King George is crown back. But most of all, someone give Nina an Oscar for that amazing performance.

AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: HEROES vs VILLAINS – continues Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday next week at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.  

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