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OBITUARY: Crime meets comedy on BritBox

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A small-town obituarist’s deadly quest for stories. Watch the intrigue unfold on BritBox.

The 2023 Irish television series “Obituary” masterfully blends elements of dark comedy, crime, and drama. It tells the tale of a small-town obituary writer who takes an extreme approach to sourcing material for her columns by starting to kill off the locals.

Featuring a talented cast including Siobhán Cullen (known from Origin and The Dry), Michael Smiley (Luther, The Curse), and Ronan Raftery (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Siege of Jadotville), the show introduces viewers to the complex world of Elvira Clancy.

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At 24, Elvira finds her passion for obituary writing unfulfilled amidst the financial struggles of her newspaper. Transitioning to a pay-per-obituary compensation model overnight, she inadvertently discovers a morbid talent following an “accidental” murder.

As Elvira embarks on a grim journey of dispatching the town’s disagreeable figures through cunningly orchestrated “accidents,” her life takes an unexpected turn. The arrival of a new, conspiracy-theory-loving crime correspondent, who also catches Elvira’s fancy, throws a wrench into her deadly operations.

Obituary premieres Thursday 28th March on BritBox.

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