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Channel 7’s THE LATEST shifts production to Perth

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Michael Usher and Angela Cox depart from THE LATEST as the show shifts its production from Sydney to Perth.

Channel 7 has confirmed the relocation of its late-night news program, The Latest, from Sydney to Perth. This move, set to take place later this year, aims to centralize operations and improve efficiencies within the network’s operations.

A representative from Channel 7 shared with TV Blackbox,

In March, 7NEWS will shift production and presentation of late-night news program The Latest to its Perth headquarters to streamline efficiencies. For viewers, the format, production quality and integrity of the program will not change.

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Despite the geographic shift, the essence and format of The Latest will remain unchanged, ensuring that its audience continues to receive the same quality of news presentation.

TV Blackbox understands that the founding host of the bulletin, Michael Usher, had already made the decision to step away from The Latest in 2024 due to extra commitments and more travel required this year for 7NEWS Spotlight.

The move to Western Australia is expected to impact only a minimal number of staff members in Sydney, indicating a streamlined transition for the production of The Latest.

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    • Both, Michael Usher and Angela Cox, are consummate reporters, who are both down to earth, with experience, that shows. Neither has an ego and were enjoyable to watch, making their presence on screen, a definite plus, not a negative, like some.
      True blood reporters, are rare and their style and presence on screen, will be missed by viewers. It doesn’t take anything more, than plain, commonsense, to realize talent, when you see it. Very disappointed that the powers that be, have come to this decision. We, the viewers are the losers – the whole team had the ability to draw people in, by just being genuine and believeable, that is a rare talent that should be valued.

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