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Everything streaming this FEBRUARY 2024 on SHUDDER

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All the new series and films available on AMC Networks’ horror streaming service Shudder this February, including original film Dario Argento: Panico, History of Evil, and more.

Dario Argento: Panico – Shudder Original Film
Streaming Exclusively on Shudder and AMC+
Film Premieres Friday 2 February

In the secluded ambience of hotel rooms, Dario Argento crafted his greatest cinematic creations, seeking solace from
the outside world to delve into his nightmares.

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Now, he finds himself in a hotel room to return to the very setting that ignited his creative fervor to conclude his latest script and participate in an intimate interview, all while being followed by a film crew documenting his life for a movie about his illustrious career.

History of Evil – Shudder Original Film
Streaming Exclusively on Shudder and AMC+
Film Premieres Friday 23 February

In the near future, war and corruption have plagued America and turned it into a theocratic police state. Against the
oppression, ordinary citizens have formed a group called The Resistance. One such member, Alegre Dyer, breaks out of political prison and reunites with her husband Ron and daughter Daria.

On the run from the militia, the family takes shelter in a remote safe house. But their journey is far from over, as the house’s dark past begins to eat away at Ron, and his earnest desire to keep his family safe is overtaken by something much more sinister. Starring Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black).


1 February

Sorority House Massacre
College student Beth and her sorority sisters are stalked by an escaped psychopathic killer who shares
a strange telepathic link with her.

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The Velvet Vampire
Lee and his wife Susan accept the invitation of mysterious Diane to visit her secluded desert estate.
Tensions arise when the couple, unaware that Diane is a vampire, realise that they are both objects of
the pale temptress’s seductions.

12 February

Lara is a woman tormented, torn between science and faith. Pushed by her husband to seek treatment
from a congregation of zealots, a ruthless exorcist will try to save her soul by putting an innocent woman
through hell.

Bad Girl Boogey
Halloween blood is shed by the wearer of parasitic mask cursed with black magic and bigotry. After
Angel’s friend is killed by a person wearing the mask, Angel must fight fear and find the killer before he
slaughters everyone.

19 February

Megalomaniac questions the invisible line between victim and executioner and how it is crossed. A film
about the weight of patriarchy and the illusion of Manichaeism.

A lone warrior nicknamed Deathstalker is sent by a witch on a quest to find a sword, a chalice, and an
amulet, two of which are held by the wicked king and sorcerer, Munkar.

Deathstalker II
In this parody of the sword and sorcery films, a princess is a deposed by an evil sorcerer. She enlists
the aid of Deathstalker to battle the forces of evil, including a clone of the princess, and win back her

AMC Networks’ Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Shudder’s expanding library of film, TV series, and Original Content is available on most streaming devices in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last few years, Shudder has introduced audiences to groundbreaking and critically acclaimed films including Rob Savage’s HOST, Jayro Bustamante’s LA LLORONA, Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD, Coralie Fargeat’s REVENGE, Joko Anwar’s SATAN’S SLAVES, Josh Ruben’s SCARE ME, Kyle Edward Ball’s SKINAMARINK, Christian Tafdrup’s SPEAK NO EVIL, Chloe Okuno’s WATCHER, Demián Rugna‘s WHEN EVIL LURKS, and the latest in the V/H/S film anthology franchise, as well as the fan favorite TV series THE BOULET BROTHERS’ DRAGULA, Greg Nicotero’s CREEPSHOW, and THE LAST DRIVEIN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS.

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