BIG BROTHER | TULLY hits out over DREW’s betrayal: “Are we really surprised he stabbed me in the back?”


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Tully Smyth was the latest housemate to be sent packing from Big Brother, and she joined Rob McKnight to talk about her time on the show, including her tumultuous relationship with Drew and Tim.

Fans of Big Brother saw history repeat itself when Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew were reunited in the house, but things were a little different this time around.

The pair first met and fell in love on our screens in 2013, causing controversy at the time, with Tully having a girlfriend on the outside. But nine years later, their relationship could not be more different, as Tully spoke to Rob McKnight about Drew’s ultimate betrayal in the game.

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Drew has been a common target this series, being nominated more than any other housemate. Although determined to play her own game, Tully voted alongside Drew on many occasions, and spoke about that being the extent of their relationship in this season.

“The only time he would pull me for a chat was when he wanted me to do something for him.”

Despite these favours, and a sustained friendship since 2013, Drew ultimately voted to evict Tully, saving Johnson Ashak instead.

“Are we really surprised that he stabbed me in the back whilst looking me in the face?”

Both Drew, and fellow housemate and friend, Tim Dormer, have faced criticism over their gameplay. In their defence, Tully said:

“Is there really a right or wrong way to play this game… They don’t have to be honest with me, it’s not in the rule book.”

And on whether the relationship between the trio has been damaged by their occasional conflict on the show:

“There have definitely been times when I’m off both of them… but we’ve got a bond that’s like a family bond and it’s something that you can’t really break.”

Tully also spoke about the contrast in mental health support between her two seasons, and more specifically the lack thereof in 2013.

“It was horrendous, I had no support… I had to reach out to the producers and tell them I was going to find my own psychologist and they were going to be paying the bill.”

“You caused me all this drama, you can pay for it… you did this.”

This time, however, she is grateful for the attention given to the wellbeing of contestants.

“There’s a wellness team, there’s a psychologist. I could tell from the minute we got to Sydney that this time round was going to be different.”

Farewell, Tully! We will miss your honesty and heart!

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Thanks to Nav Kaur at Seven for organising the podcast.

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Big Brother continues Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Seven

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Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen
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