EXIT INTERVIEW | The moment that BIG BROTHER literally changed Lara’s life


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It’s time to go….. Lara

#PillowGate. It was a moment that divided the nation – Was Lara authentic when she made a pillow toss to decide between voting for Mel or Joel and not announce which side was who?

There was nothing unauthentic about this podcast with Lara – she opens up about #PillowGate, her eviction from the show and how Big Brother changed and saved her life.

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In this podcast Lara chats about:

  • #PillowGate
  • Fighting words with Jaycee
  • The elimination challenge
  • Strategy in the elimination challenge
  • Drama in the house
  • Who she would like to win Big Brother
  • Health scare
  • Love life
  • What the future holds

Thanks to Nav Kaur at Seven for organizing the podcast.

You can read the full recap from tonight’s episode here

Big Brother – Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Seven

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Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is a former TV Guide editor and contributor for TV Blackbox.



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