RECAP | The Parents, Shane and Deb withdraw from The Amazing Race Australia


The island-hopping continued on the fifth leg of The Amazing Race Australia, where we bid farewell to The Parents, Shane and Deb, who sadly withdrew from the competition.

Landing on Magnetic Island, the Road Block saw one member give a big upside-down koala hug to a pole hanging over water. With the final team member to drop into the water securing their team pole position in the next challenge, it proved tricker than expected.

Unfazed, The Power Couple’s Dolor stood on the beach watching teammate Holly battle it out, while smack-talking The Parents, Shane and Deb, after they U-Turned his team on the last leg. Shane was the first to drop into the water, followed closely by Holly, which stopped Dolor’s bad-mouthing ways.   

Waking up post challenge, a pre-existing knee injury was giving Shane grief, and with the medic and Deb by his side, The Parents made the tough decision to leave the Race for good.

Powering on to their next challenge, the remaining teams were tasked with eating 20 dry Weet-Bix between the two team members. That’s no milk or moisture, other than one’s saliva. Worst. Nightmare.

The next Road Block was lighting targets by breathing fire. Nailing their first few attempts, The Gold Coast Girls Ashleigh and Amanda arrived first to the Pit Stop, but it came with a catch: Not only did they score a coveted First Class Pass (allowing them to skip the next leg without being eliminated), but they also had to Salvage or Sabotage the final two teams to arrive.

With the Dancing Exes Jordan and Violeta timed out on the fire breathing challenge, they joined Daughter and Dad team Jobelle and Rani, last on the mat.

With Jordan and Violeta handed the Sabotage card and Jobelle and Rani the Salvage advantage, the Race continues to be anyone’s for the taking.

Tomorrow night, teams head off on the next leg, the wonderous Great Barrier Reef. 

The Amazing Race Australia Continues Tomorrow At 7.30pm On the 10 and WIN Networks.





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