FIRST LOOK | New documentary Misunderstandings of Miscarriage coming to STAN

Stan has released the first full-length trailer for upcoming feature documentary Misunderstandings of Miscarriage (MuM)

Produced by Neon Jane Productions with principal investment from Screen Australia, MuM follows Australian actress and filmmaker Tahyna MacManus on her four-year experience of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Debuting in line with Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month this October, MuM sees Tahyna MacManus and her husband Tristan embark on an intimate journey to understand the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of miscarriage – an experience which sadly occurs with 1 in 4 pregnancies.

Along the way, MacManus connects with women across the country to shed light on the issue, from A-listers such as Claire Holt, Teresa Palmer and, Deborra-Lee Furness to everyday Australians. By sharing these stories, MuM aims to open up a conversation that normalises pregnancy loss and champions progress in areas of education and legislation.

“After experiencing my second miscarriage I was devastated, lost, and angry. Despite having an incredibly supportive network of family and friends around me, I felt terribly alone. By sharing what I once considered to be my greatest shame, I discovered a way to heal and honour my loss.

I also realised I wasn’t alone. There are so many resilient, courageous women going through the same thing, and I am privileged to be able to share their stories too, in the hope that women no longer feel the need to walk this path alone,” says MacManus.


As well as exploring miscarriage through first-hand experiences, Tahyna also sought perspective from industry specialists who play an instrumental part in the fertility journey.

Dr Manny Mangat of IVF Australia says,

“Miscarriage is an emotional rollercoaster, and even though to the clinician it may be perceived as a group of cells or an 8-week foetus, to that family it is their baby they’ve lost, and we must always remember that.”

Producer Kelly Tomasich from Neon Jane adds,

“Through our exploration of the common threads that weave together the loss community, we uncover an inspiring patchwork of real stories from real women. While there is no one size fits all approach to coping through loss, we hope that MuM will be available to anyone who has suffered a miscarriage or is looking to provide support. By providing access to a community of women from all walks of life, who are willing to share their own unique stories, we hope MuM will give a sense of normalcy, understanding, and acceptance to a subject that has been stigmatised for far too long.”

The documentary highlights the important role of organisations such as The Pink Elephants Support Network in providing answers, resources and, support for women and families through their own experiences of pregnancy loss and miscarriage. It also emphasises the role of professionals in helping families to remove the guilt and shame often felt by women following a miscarriage.

Misunderstandings of Miscarriage is a Neon Jane production for Stan, with principle investment from Screen Australia.

Misunderstandings of Miscarriage premieres Thursday 1 October, only on Stan

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