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REVIEW | Room for rent, some conditions – MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE #PilotWeekAU

MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE | It’s a housing crisis - Millennials are locked out of the rental market while many older Australians live alone in empty houses

REVIEW | Sydney’s self-styled PR Queen welcomes us into to her life – I AM ROXY | #PilotWeekAU

I AM ROXY | Sydney’s self-promoting marketing queen gets another chance to tell us how great she is

REVIEW | “Available most days, school hours only” – PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES #PilotWeekAU

PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES | Can Val and Alex nab their man and make it back to pick up the kids from school?

REVIEW | Mo money, no problem when you’ve Karim in your corner – SYDNEY’S CRAZY RICH ASIANS #PilotWeekAU

SYDNEY’S CRAZY RICH ASIANS | How rich is rich? If you have to have to ask, you’re not rich enough

A true crime writer reviews Zac Efron as Ted Bundy on Netflix

Best selling true crime author Amanda Howard brings her unique perspective to review Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

REVIEW | Chris Lilley’s LUNATICS

Chris Lilley delivers six new characters and a new series of his divisive comedy to Netflix and sadly he’s missed the mark (again)

REVIEW | Bring Back…Saturday Night #PilotWeek

Rove is back doing what we remember him doing best

REVIEW | Dave #PilotWeek

Would you be Dave? Even Dave isn’t sure he wants to be Dave

REVIEW | Trial By Kyle #PilotWeek

Kyle Sandilands is back in court - and this time, he’s the judge and jury

REVIEW | Kinne Tonight #PilotWeek

A seasoned sketch comedy performer brings his team to the Pilot Week table

REVIEW | Taboo #PilotWeek

Is it possible to deliver a stand-up comedy routine all about the disabled and disadvantaged?

REVIEW | Drunk History Australia #PilotWeek

The third of eight shows in Ten's Pilot Week initiative -'s Steve Molk reviews DRUNK HISTORY. HOW DID TEN PITCH...

REVIEW | Disgrace! #PilotWeek

Before we all fall into a shame spiral has the outrage machine gone too far?


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