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LEGO MASTERS finale delivers massive ratings for Nine

Jackson and Alex knew that unique and detailed builds have been their strength throughout the competition, so they decided to build the Frankenstein-inspired world of a mad scientist.

RECAP | Hayden Quinn eliminated from MASTERCHEF Kitchen while Ben Ungermann also departs

The episode opened with host Jock Zonfrillo informing contestants Ungermann had departed the series due to, “a personal matter,” and that “he will not be returning.”

RECAP | Amina Elshafei next to depart MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA Kitchen

As twist week continued, the losing team from yesterday’s service challenge were up for elimination – Poh, Laura, Hayden, Callum, Jess, Reynold, Sarah C, Tracy and Amina.

RECAP | Elimination #7 from MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA is Chris Badenoch

After a week traveling the suburbs of Melbourne, last night the contestants were back in the MasterChef kitchen.

RECAP | Thin pasta causes Rose Adam to depart MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA Kitchen

Unfortunately for Rose, she and her infectious smile were sent home on the back of thin pasta and an unbalanced sauce.

RECAP | Dani Venn next to depart MASTERCHEF Kitchen

Choosing not to play her immunity pin and back herself, Dani and the contestants were told of a two round challenge.

Harry Foster next to go from MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA

Sent home to write a recipe for a dish that would WOW (in capital letters) the judges, Amina, Harry, Hayden, Laura, Poh and Sarah T had to impress.

RECAP | Emotional farewell for Ben Milbourne from Masterchef Australia

For Ben Milbourne, presenting overcooked salmon and an unbalanced dish sent him home in an emotional farewell.

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