TV Blackbox and McKnight Tonight

A weekly wrap of the latest entertainment industry news with insights from people who have worked in the industry PLUS interviews with TV insiders

After 25 years working in the TV industry, Rob McKnight is a washed up producer with nothing to lose. Now he's spilling the inside secrets in a podcast that anyone interested in media will absolutely love.

Expect news, reviews and a little dash of gossip as Rob is joined by: an EMMY award winner; an Aussie TV Drama insider; and an enthusiastic media commentator who knows what questions to ask.

Also on this podcast feed you'll get the McKnight Tonight podcast, an interview series where Rob McKnight talks to people in the industry as they share their personal stories and hilarious anecdotes.


MolksTVTalk The Podcast

Join your host Steve Molk and his guests as they traverse the minefield that is Australian television.

The number 1 TV podcast in Australia for watching the box and telling it like it is (as far as we are concerned). Mostly.

Includes interviews, opinion & assumption.


Humans of Twitter

Humans of Twitter is a podcast where we discover the stories behind the people behind the Twitter accounts. 

People that are interesting, opinionated and surprising. 

Humans of Twitter is their stories, in their words, in a little more than 140 characters.

Hosted by Steve Molk