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Heather Ewart dives into Braidwood’s rich cultural tapestry in BACK ROADS finale

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In the upcoming season finale of Back Roads, the heritage-listed town of New South Wales, Braidwood, is put under the spotlight.

The episode, hosted by Heather Ewart, delves into the rich artistic culture of the town and how this creativity contributes to the community’s unity and resilience during hard times.

During her journey through Braidwood, Ewart engages with the town’s many artists, uncovering the sources of their inspiration. She discovers how the artistic spirit of Braidwood not only nurtures individual creativity but also serves as a pillar for the community, especially when facing challenges.

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One of the highlights of Ewart’s visit is her encounter with Karuna Bajracharya, the proprietor of the Smokey Horse Nepalese restaurant. Bajracharya introduces Ewart to the culinary art of making traditional momo dumplings and recounts his experience of moving to Braidwood from Kathmandu in the 1980s. Despite the initial culture shock, Bajracharya has become an integral part of the Braidwood community.

In his youth, Bajracharya and his friends formed a local band known as the Bumblebees, which eventually gained international acclaim. Today, he utilizes his musical background to support emerging musicians in Braidwood by hosting performances at his venue.

Braidwood’s encounter with fame is not limited to Bajracharya’s story. The town was famously featured in the 1970 Ned Kelly film starring Mick Jagger. More recently, during the devastating Black Summer bushfires of 2019/2020, Braidwood demonstrated its solidarity and resilience. When the nearby village of Mongarlowe was left without firefighting support, the people of Braidwood came together to form the Mongarlowe Mosquito Army (Mozzies), a volunteer firefighting group that played a crucial role in combating the fires.

The efforts of the Mozzies and other creative individuals in Braidwood were documented in a feature-length film, showcasing the town’s response to the bushfires. Keith Potger, a Braidwood musician and member of The Seekers, contributed to the documentary by writing a song for it, further highlighting the town’s artistic and communal spirit.

Production credit: Executive Producer, Brigid Donovan. 

Back Roads – Season Finale Episode -Series 10, Episode 13 of 13 airs Tuesday 2 April at 8.00pm on ABC and iview

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