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This week on AUSTRALIAN STORY; Mama’s on a Mission featuring Michelle Turvey

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When Mechelle Turvey’s 15-year-old son Cassius died following an attack on the way home from school, people rallied around the country in outrage and despair.

Mechelle, who had lost her husband Sam just over a month before, could have succumbed to anger. Instead, she called for calm.  

“I didn’t want any more violence.”

she tells Australian Story.

“I didn’t want hatred and I didn’t want Aboriginal people again to be stereotyped as uncontrollable and violent. I wanted to bring unity among everyone.” 

What anger Mechelle felt was initially directed at the WA Police, who she felt had responded inadequately in the aftermath of Cassius’s death. When Homicide Detective Steve Cleal first came to her door, she gave him a piece of her mind.  

“There was a definite phase where I had to earn her trust.”

Detective Cleal tells Australian Story.

“She needed a punching bag to hit and to get that off her chest. And it needed to be dealt with.” 

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Over the following months, as Detective Cleal accompanied her to court hearings and kept her abreast of developments in the case, the pair developed an unlikely friendship.  

“I just like the bloke.”

Mechelle says.

“He’s a friend. I don’t believe I said that, but he has become a friend.” 

Mechelle’s dignity and compassion in the face of unimaginable loss and her insistence on finding a better way forward earned her respect around the country and caught the eye of WA police Commissioner Col Blanch.

He asked her to design a training program for police recruits and gave her a job in the police community liaison division. She was also named Western Australian of the year for her community work. 

Presented by Leigh Sales, produced by Olivia Rousset and Karla Hart. 

Australian Story airs Monday, 26 February, 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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Kyle Laidlaw
Kyle Laidlaw
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  1. I have the utmost respect for Michelle Turvey. You are twice the woman I’ll ever be. Big love. You have my heart. ♥️

  2. Just watched Aus Story Michelle, what an amazing mother and role model you are for humanity. Hats off to you Lovely, your son would be so very proud xxx

    • Jill Mc hi Jill, I am so glad we all share the same thoughts and that it brings some comfort and solace to Ms Turvey, take care, regards Parker

  3. Michelle you are an amazing person.
    I just watched Australian Story. It is so hard to out live your children. I feel strength from your life as it is not a Story it is real. No matter how long it is you still feel the same as you do the day it happened. X

    • Deb Healy hi deb, yr last on the list. Thankyou for yr words. I cannot fathom the strength of Ms Turvey . I hope we av lifted her spirits in some way. Take care regards Parker

  4. My darling Lady, I write to you with the sadest of hearts. I send you my love, my thoughts and my prayers. I know I cannot do anything or help in any way. I just want u to know that I am so in awe of you, I am so amazed by you, u make me so f×cking so, proud is not the I’m searching for, but it escapes me. You, Cassius, yr husband, family and friends and any iv forgotten I send u all much much love. You especially will be in my heart, thoughts and prayers 4 eternity. Please, please stay strong. You are a guiding light that the world desperately needs. We need to bring our families, communities and country together and fight to stamp out hatred in all its forms, replace it with warmth, love, respect and EQUALITY for each and every one of us. If I were in Perth, I would wrap my arms around you. You truly are beautiful. Yours most sincerely Parker

  5. What an amazing lady you are Michelle,to hear the story of your dear son Cassius tore at our hearts,treasure your beautiful memories of him ❤️🙏❤️

  6. I just watched Australian Story and want to pass my love and admiration on to Michelle Turvey. You are a gift to all of us.

  7. Saw this show tonight. What an amazing woman. When her heart was bleeding, she still found it in herself to ensure Cassius’ death would help to break down barriers instead of adding fuel to a potentially volatile situation. It was so lovely to see a little bit into Cassius’ life and see what a truly remarkable boy he was.

  8. Michelle, you are a true inspiration to us all, if only we could clone you the world would be a much better place. I sobbed when listening to your amazing compassion and approach to continuing in life. Please accept my deepest condolences for your losses ❤️

  9. Such an inspirational woman, your son Cassius would be so proud of you. You are an amazing woman and role model for all regardless of colour.

  10. What an Amazing women has nothing but love and forgiveness flowing through her veins 🙏🙏🙏🙏my heart bleeds for her, i wish you all the best Michelle.. i hope all your dreams come true ❤️🙏

  11. Outstanding woman Michelle, I cried and I smile watching your story of your son Cassius
    You are one in a million❤️

  12. I just watched your story of your son and husband , it was just now on @ 6pm.-6:30pm on ABC TV.


  13. What an inspirational story, strong woman with an even stronger message we could all learn from Michelle. It would have been so hard to lose her son in this manner. She shows strength and kindness towards all. So proud of this woman, mother what a lesson she could teach each and everyone in this world

  14. As a mother you should be proud Michelle
    Just watched your document
    It was beautiful
    Your boys will want you to be happy
    Shine bright like sunshine beautiful lady
    You will make us all love each other for your boy cassius ❤️💛❤️


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