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LISA WILKINSON admits she was removed from THE PROJECT by Channel 10 in explosive affidavit

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Lisa Wilkinson is currently in court over a battle to have her legal fees paid by the network for the defamation proceedings brought by Bruce Lehrmann.

For TV observers, the affidavit contains some interesting notes about her termination from The Project.

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Despite claims that Wilkinson had made the choice to ‘resign’ from the program, it has now been confirmed she was removed, as previously stated by TV Blackbox.

Here are some quotes from the document, which has been tendered in court:

On 1 November 2022, five months after the Logies speech, Ms McGarvey informed Mr Fordham that I was to be removed from The Project, and asked that I agree to a variation of my employment contract to that effect. I felt I had no choice but to agree to this, since Ms McGarvey had already determined that I was to be relieved of my duties on The Project. At that time, my most recent contract as co-host of The Project had only been signed 1 months before and still had more than two years to run.

I was advised of the above during a telephone call from Mr Fordham at about lunch time on Friday 11 November 2022. In that call, he told me that he had just had a meeting with Ms McGarvey. He told me that Ms McGarvey had informed him that TEN was doing a “rebrand” of The Project with a number of hosting changes. He told me that she had said that those hosting changes included me. He also tolD me that she had said that, because there had been too much heat on me in the months since the Logies speech – and, as a result, too much “brand damage” – it was best that I be removed from my hosting role on The Project.

The ‘brand damage’ Wilkinson refers to is the claim that she ignored legal advice regarding her Logies speech. She is currently in court arguing that 10 signed off her speech at all levels, including CEO Beverley McGarvey.

I was shocked, embarrassed and deeply disappointed by Ms McGarvey’s decision to remove me from The Project. It signified to me that TEN had no real interest in publicly correcting any of the damage done to me and my reputation, and were now only making It worse. I felt the decision would indicate to the public that I had in fact done something wrong. I knew that the story of me leaving The Project would result in a continuation of significant and humiliating headlines.

Channel 10 has been approached for comment.

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    • Tammy Moore it’s the damage to her reputation and future that must hurt the most. I wouldn’t want to go back but I would be bitter about it.

  1. I never believed she left willingly.

    I can’t help but notice how much distance The Project has put between Ms Wilkinson and themselves. I had hoped there would be more solidarity. Of course, it’s not the first time 10 has sought to rebrand by letting someone go.

  2. No Lisa u were removed because u were told before the Logies not to open ur mouth about anything to do with Higgins and yet u went and opened ur mouth. It’s not anyone else fault but ur own.

  3. Claimed to have negligible control over the content of the interview…..yet was able to send an email claiming to have nailed it….you can tell when she’s lying …..her lips are moving.

  4. She only has herself to blame for damaging her image. She did that before she left the Today Show.

  5. Lisa Wilkinson is an intelligent, astute & long-time journo who managed many of the highest selling print media in this country in their premium years. As such, she’s (supposedly) at the most lofty level of professionalism in her profession & she knows defamation laws backwards. No need to blame ‘legal advice’ nor Ch 10. Lisa – like a surgeon picking up a scalpel, you are the sole person responsible for the weilding of your ‘scalpel’ – your pen/ keyboard. You wrote. You spoke. You were the sole reason (ironically) that the Higgins case could not be tried fairly. Your ego bit you in the arse. Your ego. Wear it. Wear the blame & pay up.

  6. She still was paid by 10 her contract expires this year if she wanted her own lawyer she pays for it! She should be up on charges for pushing back the trial from her logies speech & another reason why she doesn’t want to pay for a lawyer!

  7. She would have known her speech was the wrong thing to be saying at the time as it would cause all sorts of trouble as the court case was on going but as usual it was all about her

  8. I really appreciate to the Supreme Court of Victoria for granting my writ that against the Commonwealth of Australia and 3 of Public Hospitals. The rogue government officers and doctors will be punished by law. Details on my Facebook ( Dong Tong Cai)

  9. Unfortunately this unit seems to think it’s ego is bigger then all the organisations it works for it as popular as a foreskin at a bah mitzvah in the media business you continually 💩 on people eventually some of the stink attaches to you

  10. Here you all are. The commentators. You have an opinion.
    The people who voted NO. The people that are ready to doccs at any cost, Cancel….
    The people who wouldn’t give a damn about the genocide. The people who can’t
    be constructive with their offerings. Where is your empathy?
    Are you being paid to write your uncaring responses? SHAME.
    There’s more to life than your uncaring sentiments. Be Kind.
    I don’t know why I chose to read these comments. I feel sick.

  11. she should be sacked,its not the first time she has demanded channel 10 pay her court costs,maybe she should mind her own business,stick to the facts of a case before she ruins someones

    • Hi June – the facts of the case are: Lisa doesn’t work for Channel 10 anymore, and the court has awarded costs to her that the network will need to pay because they acted inappropriately around her legal support when she was working for them.

    • June Godden The facts of the case are: Lisa doesn’t work for Channel 10 anymore, and the court has awarded costs to her that the network will need to pay because they acted inappropriately around her legal support when she was working for them.

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