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Let it all go with SPACE INVADERS, returning for a new season tonight on CHANNEL 9

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It’s time to say goodbye to all that household clutter and stress when Space Invaders returns for its most uplifting series yet.

Our team of remarkable, passionate Space Invaders will empower you with the tools to tackle the things that are weighing you down as they help everyday families escape their clutter nightmares and lighten their homes and their hearts with a fourth season of this inspirational program.

Join declutter guru Peter Walsh, renovation queen Cherie Barber and obsessive collector Angie Kent as they use their skills, compassion and good humour to guide struggling Aussies through a life-changing journey with amazing renovations and unbelievable transformations.

Learn how to change your mindset around possessions and take action to feel happier than ever when our Space Invaders share decluttering tips and tricks that can improve all our lives.

Peter tackles the physical and emotional baggage that has overtaken homes and strained relationships, and empowers families to “let go” and live the life they deserve clutter-free, and with more clarity.

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Cherie takes on the biggest renovations yet, creating spectacular spaces that leave the homeowners gobsmacked. Angie then surprises each family by uncovering their hidden treasures and the stories behind them.

The extraordinary work of our team of home helpers will leave overwhelmed families overjoyed and speechless, as they take home improvement to a breathtaking new level and show how less really can be more.

Space Invaders is produced by WTFN for the 9Network.

Space Invaders premieres Saturday, February 3 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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Kyle Laidlaw
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