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AIRDATE | Andy Lee’s THE HUNDRED returns for a sixth season

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Andy Lee’s ‘The Hundred’ Set for a Sixth Season Comeback on Channel 9

Channel 9 is gearing up for the return of its popular show, “The Hundred with Andy Lee,” scheduled to air on Tuesday, February 6, at 8.40 pm. The show, known for its unique format featuring a panel of 100 Australians, promises to bring new insights into the country’s collective thoughts and opinions.

Andy Lee, the show’s charismatic host, will once again be at the helm, leading a diverse group of 100 Australians, who will be virtually present from various locations across the nation. This group, mirroring Australia’s demographic diversity, will offer live polling results, providing an engaging narrative to the statistical data.

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As “The Hundred with Andy Lee” enters its impressive sixth season, it continues to delve into what Australians think about a myriad of topics, ranging from significant news to everyday curiosities. Regular panelists, comedian Mike Goldstein and media figure Sophie Monk, are set to return, accompanied by a lineup of Australia’s top comedic talents such as Tom Gleeson, Kate Langbroek, Dave Hughes, and Luke McGregor.

Andy Lee remarked, “Soph and Mike are back, and we have a bunch of new segments, including one called This or That where we test Australia’s preference on things. For instance: Window or Aisle, Friends or Seinfeld, Hamish or Andy? Actually, I don’t have the guts to ask that last one.”

The season’s opener will explore intriguing questions such as the percentage of the panel attending a wedding they believed wouldn’t last and a comparison of parental preferences between mum and dad.

2024’s lineup includes the return of the segment “Trial By A Hundred,” which aims to resolve relationship dilemmas across the nation, along with insights into Australians’ secret hobbies. The audience-favorite, “Is That Rude,” also makes a comeback, examining the appropriateness of swearing in front of infants.

The show will feature celebrity guests, including Andrew Gaze, Christopher Pyne, and John Aitken, challenging the panel to recognize them. Additionally, popular segments like “Pick The Percent” are set to return.

Mike Goldstein shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Great to be back for another season of The Hundred with Andy Lee. One hundred per cent of comedians named Mike Goldstein think this is the best season yet.”

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“The Hundred with Andy Lee” is a joint creation of Screentime Australia and Andy Lee, produced by Endemol Shine Australia in collaboration with Channel 9.

The Hundred with Andy Lee Season 6 premieres Tuesday, February 6, at 9pm Channel 9 and 9now

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