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Everything new streaming this JANUARY 2024 on DOCPLAY

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In January, Australian streaming service Docplay is set to captivate audiences with an exclusive line-up of documentaries and series that delve into the realms of creativity, social activism, and history.

From the inspirational journey of tennis legend Arthur Ashe in Citizen Ashe to the evocative exploration of Australia’s frontier conflicts in The Australian Wars, each program promises to engage and enlighten.

Kicking off the month, Bromley: Light After Dark (Aus only) | 1 Jan | DocPlay Exclusive delves into the life of David Bromley, a renowned Australian artist, alongside his wife Yuge. The documentary presents an intimate look at Bromley’s battle against personal challenges to forge a life replete with creativity and love.

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Mid-January brings Room 999 | 15 Jan | DocPlay Exclusive, a thought-provoking sequel to Wim Wenders’s 1982 classic, Room 666. Here, directors David Cronenberg, Baz Luhrmann, and Claire Denis, among others, engage in a compelling discourse on the evolving landscape of cinema.

On the 22nd, witness the remarkable journey of Arthur Ashe in Citizen Ashe | 22 Jan | DocPlay Exclusive. This film narrates the life of the first African American to win the US Open, highlighting his achievements both on the tennis court and as a social activist.

The Australian Wars | 25 Jan | Series arrives as a gripping three-part documentary from Blackfella Films, directed by Rachel Perkins. It explores the frontier conflicts in Australia from 1788 to 1928, questioning our national identity and future aspirations.

Also premiering on the 25th is Araatika: Rise Up! | 25 Jan. This inspiring documentary follows NRL legends as they develop a pre-game ceremony to celebrate Aboriginal cultures, offer a response to the Maori Haka, and tackle racism in rugby league.

Concluding the month, Corners of the Earth – Kamchatka | 29 Jan | DocPlay Exclusive takes viewers on an adventurous journey with filmmakers Spencer Frost and Guy Williment, and surfers Letty Mortenson and Fraser Dovell. They explore the icy, uncharted coasts of Russia’s Kamchatka in search of new surfing experiences.

Join Docplay in January as we uncover the personal triumphs and societal dialogues that shape our world, all month long on Docplay. Don’t miss out on these compelling stories of artistry, resilience, and cultural heritage.

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