Howzat! Cricket ep bowls over BLUEY fans in Top 100 Countdown

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Find out what has made the top 10 all-time episodes of Bluey as part of Bluey Fest.

As part of Bluey Fest, The fans have decided! Bluey’s Cricket episode has hit ‘em for six, being voted Australia’s #1 favourite episode of Bluey by the public.

With 5,800 votes separating Cricket from the #2 slot, it’s fair to say Rusty and his impeccable batting average have captured the hearts of Australians far and wide. 

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Howzat Bluey (Image - ABC)
Howzat Bluey (Image – ABC)

Featuring Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field as the voice of Rusty’s Dad, Cricket portrays the great Australian past time of neighbourhood cricket, as the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out.

First airing on ABC Kids & ABC iview in June this year, Cricket attracted more viewers than Australia’s World Test championship match against India in England. *

Joe Brumm, Creator/Showrunner of Bluey said: “Cricket worked its way into every corner of my life as a kid. It was just always there. This episode uses cricket of course but it’s representative of whatever sport it is you had growing up that united your family and friends. Some of my favourites made it in there too…”

Libbie Doherty, Head of ABC Family & Children and Executive Producer of Bluey, said: “Confirming what we already suspected, ‘Cricket’ is officially Bluey fans’ favourite episode! Joe Brumm and the team at Ludo Studio have so perfectly captured the spirit of the game. We hope all the backyard cricketers this summer give their younger siblings a catch, just like Rusty.”

Australia’s second favourite episode is Baby Race, featuring Leigh Sales as the voice of Coco’s mum, delivering that iconic line all parents need to hear – “you’re doing great.” Bugalugs pushes Granny Mobile into the #3 slot with Australians showing their love for Grouchy Granny, Rita and Janet. Sleepytime comes in at #4, soothing sleep-deprived parents everywhere. Making their second appearance in the countdown is Rita and Janet with Grannies rounding out the countdown in the #5 spot.

Australia’s Top 10 Bluey Episodes:

  1. Cricket
  2. Baby Race
  3. Granny Mobile
  4. Sleepytime
  5. Grannies
  6. Camping
  7. Dance Mode
  8. Rain
  9. Christmas Swim
  10. Bin Night

If you missed the Countdown, you can watch it via the Bluey Fest Live Stream on ABC iview.

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The Biggest Little Bluey Countdown concludes ABC’s Bluey Fest – celebrating five years of Bluey.

Don’t forget – you can stream BLUEY series 1-3 anytime on ABC iview.

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