RECAP | RHIANN MEAD the first eliminated contestant from MASTERCHEF: DESSERT MASTERS

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Rhiann’s Piggybank was a tough to shell to crack and unfortunately saw her become the first eliminated contestant in Channel 10’s Masterchef: Dessert Masters.

After the opening episodes of MasterChef: Dessert Masters have set the scene for crafting fun and fabulous creations, it’s time for the first elimination challenges.

Even though, the contestants have demonstrated through their hard earned careers that they are all deserving Dessert Masters unfortunately someone has to go home. Which is devastating for everyone except Anna Polyviou and Andy Bowdy who won immunity in the previous deceptive desert challenge.

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This challenge comes after Amaury Guichon’s viral video of him creating a chocolate pinata. Now the contestants need to create a smashing desert.

“You have two hours to give us a desert we can crack into. Build it up for it to be broken down,” Melissa Leong explains.

Morgan Hipworth is making a sugar blown apple which seems like a great idea until Melissa tells him that Reynold is making sugarblown apple too.

“I don’t plan to use my immunity pin today,” Reynold Poernomo shrugs whilst preparing the elements for his brilliant and intricate desert, his ‘For Snow White’.

For Snow White (Image - 10)
For Snow White (Image – 10)

“I hear the judges are comparing apples to apples” Morgan says uneasily.

Adriano Zumbo is glazed over his episode. Australia’s Daddy of Dessert creates the most interactive dessert of the day, ‘Nona’s Smash Or Pass’ which gets a lot less airtime than it deserves. Good thing Channel 10 shared the recipe with us.

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Nonas Smash Or Pass (Image - Channel 10)
Nonas Smash Or Pass (Image – Channel 10)

Amaury is a master of the Sugar Snow dome and since imitation is the best for of flattery, Gareth Whitton is trying to make a sugar dome. Amaury raises his eyebrows in concern, “it must be perfect.”

It’s ok, Gareth has never done this before, he’ll be right. With 15 minutes on the clock, Gareth summons some big dog energy and starts to create his snowglobes, his third and final attempt becomes a successful sugar dome. His recipe Chocolate & Magicha Cake is a hit with Amaury.

Chocolate Magicha Cake (Image - 10)
Chocolate Magicha Cake (Image – 10)

“Contestants you have one hour left!” Amaury warns, expectantly waiting to hear an enthusiastic “Yes chef!” that never comes… The contestants are all too busy blowing sugar domes and comparing apples with apples.

Watching people make their making sugar domes is stressful to watch. Rhiann Mead has a better idea, she’s going to make a chocolate piggy bank. It’s super original because Kirsten Tibballs is also making a chocolate piggybank.

Great, now we’re comparing apples with apples and pigs with pigs.

The results:

Top of the class: Reynold, Adriano and Gareth

Middle of the pack: Kristen, Morgan and Kay-Lene

Bottom two: Jess and Rhiann

Jess’ tart has an underwhelming crack but it’s beautiful balance of chocolate, berries and a raspberry explosion is enough to scrape her into the next round. Rhiann’s piggybank is unfortunately too thick to crack and requires Amaury to call in reinforcements to break it.

Piggy Bank Smashing (Image - 10)
Piggy Bank Smashing (Image – 10)

With such a good pool of talent, no one is deserving to go home but unfortunately, Rhiann’s piggy with the thick skin is sent home.

MasterChef: Dessert Masters returns to Channel 10 at 07:30 on Wednesday November 15.

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