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Channel 10‘s latest offering, Dessert Masters, heralds a new era of culinary combat where ten of the nation’s most innovative dessert chefs converge to vie for the title of the ultimate pastry champion.

The series premiere marks the onset of a sugar-coated journey punctuated by flair, precision, and a dash of drama. This prime-time showdown is not merely a contest but a celebration of the remarkable talent shaping Australia’s dessert scene.

At the crux of Dessert Masters is the coveted pink immunity pin, a symbol of culinary invincibility that offers its bearer an unparalleled edge in the competition. The time-constrained challenges set before the competitors are designed to stretch their imaginations and technical prowess to the limits.

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The impressive roster of chefs includes renowned names like Kirsten Tibballs and Reynold Poernomo, each of whom has carved a niche in the sweet quarters of the nation’s gastronomic lore. Anna Polyviou‘s eclectic creativity and Adriano Zumbo‘s innovative dessert landscapes promise to add a vibrant dimension to the series. Meanwhile, younger talents such as Jess Liemantara and Morgan Hipworth showcase the evolving dynamism of Australia’s pastry craft.

Kay-Lene Tan brings a repository of global expertise to the table, while Andy Bowdy‘s pursuit of the perfect cake encapsulates the show’s spirit of excellence. Rhiann Mead and Gareth Whitton complete this assemblage, each a testament to the intricate artistry of pastry and desserts.

Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon host DESSERT MASTERS (image - 10)
Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon host DESSERT MASTERS (image – 10)

The show is adjudicated by Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon, whose esteemed palates and industry stature lend gravitas to the judging panel. Leong articulates the series’ essence with her statement:

“Our cast for Dessert Masters is a loaded-to-the-gills, top-of-the-pops, créme de la créme of Australia’s pastry industry. It doesn’t get any better, more high calibre, more magical than these chefs, who all bring their own unique take on sweet creations to their own worlds, and now, to ours.

I am beyond thrilled – and honoured – to be working with such brilliant, talented and generous people… but boy do I have my work cut out for me!”

Echoing her enthusiasm, Guichon remarks on the distinctive Australian pastry landscape, adding:

“I am so happy to be in Australia to experience its unique pastry scene and be a part of Dessert Masters. What I’ve experienced so far, I haven’t seen in a long time – a tight-knit community of chefs who share great camaraderie, skill and passion for their craft.

This is a once in a lifetime cast of incredibly talented Australian pastry chefs and it is an honour to be judging them. Their creations are so good, I think the audience will want to lick the television screen!”

Dessert Masters is more than a contest; it’s a platform showcasing the convergence of craftsmanship, artistry, and the sweet alchemy of desserts. The show not only promises to reveal the technical finesse of the chefs but also offers a peek into their creative processes that transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary experiences.

As Channel 10 gears up for the premiere, the stakes are high, and the anticipation is palpable. The show pledges to deliver not just a feast for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle that captures the imagination of a nation known for its robust love for innovation and desserts.

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The lineup of contestants on Channel 10’s Dessert Masters is a showcase of Australia’s elite dessert-making talent. Each chef brings a unique blend of skill, creativity, and experience to the competition.

Kirsten Tibballs, christened as “The Chocolate Queen,” is a veritable force in the pastry world. Tibballs has parlayed her expertise into a successful educational venture through her Savour School, where she cultivates the next generation of dessert artisans. Her published cookbooks and appearances on MasterChef Australia are a testament to her proficiency and popularity.

Reynold Poernomo captured the nation’s imagination with his dessert innovation on MasterChef Australia in 2015. Following his television success, he has successfully established his dessert bar, KOI, along with Monkey’s Corner, solidifying his stature as a culinary savant with an ardent following for his aesthetically stunning and palatially complex creations.

Anna Polyviou stands out with her iconic mohawk and rebellious dessert designs. Polyviou’s trajectory in the culinary industry is marked by numerous awards and accolades, a clear indication of her prowess and the avant-garde approach that she brings to the competition.

Adriano Zumbo, the face behind the popularization of the macaron in Australia, has earned the moniker of the country’s very own Willy Wonka. Zumbo’s whimsical and daring dessert presentations reflect his personality and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional pastry arts.

The youngest to stand her ground among seasoned professionals, Jess Liemantara, has already distinguished herself in the culinary community. Her vibrant and meticulous pastry work demonstrates a maturity and artistry well beyond her years.

Morgan Hipworth has made waves with Bistro Morgan, his bakery known for its delectable doughnuts. Starting young at just 15, Hipworth’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit have earned him the title of “The Donut King,” and his inventive flair will be one to watch in the competition.

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Trained under the esteemed chef Joël Robuchon, Kay-Lene Tan has honed her craft across the globe. Her role as an Executive Pastry Chef speaks to her extensive expertise and her dedication to creating evocative edible experiences.

Andy Bowdy is on a quest to perfect the balance of his baked goods, winning accolades for his efforts. His journey from creating Sydney’s favorite cakes to competing on Dessert Masters is a narrative of passion meeting proficiency.

Rhiann Mead, with her experience at The Charles in Sydney and previously at Bennelong and Quay, brings a breadth of knowledge in pastry techniques and chocolate work. Her precision and creative expression are expected to shine throughout the series.

Lastly, Gareth Whitton, known for his work at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne and now with Tarts Anon, carries over a decade and a half of experience. Whitton’s expertise, gleaned from working with world-renowned chefs, positions him as a formidable opponent in the competition.

With such an array of talent, Dessert Masters promises to be a culinary spectacle, providing viewers with an insight into the artistry and competitive spirit that drives Australia’s dessert culture. The series will undoubtedly elevate public appreciation for the craft of dessert making and underline the importance of creativity in the culinary arts.

In essence, Dessert Masters invites viewers to immerse themselves in a narrative woven with chocolate, sugar, and everything delightful. The question on everyone’s lips is not just who will claim the title, but what culinary marvels will grace our screens in the process.

Tune in to Channel 10 and 10 Play to savour the journey of Australia’s finest as they whip, bake, and innovate their way through the sweetest of challenges.

Dessert Masters on 10 And 10 Play – Sunday 12 November, 2023 at 7.30pm

Note: Due to an ongoing dispute regarding editorial independence, the 10 Network and its parent company ViacomCBS declined to provide assistance with the preparation of this content.

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