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RECAP | HOLLY and JIMI evade capture to win HUNTED AUSTRALIA 2023

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Winners announced! Holly And Jimi Evade Capture To Win Hunted Australia 2023. Captured: Tharren, NSW And Jordan, Victoria.

In the nail-biting season finale of Hunted, all remaining Fugitives managed to avoid the Hunters and find safe accommodation for their final night on the run. The final four made their way to the Melbourne Cricket Ground with the Hunters at their heels.

But with the Hunters closing in on Tharren and Jordan, only Jimi and Holly made it to the extraction point, not only winning a share of $100,000 but also proving to themselves and the world, they could do anything. Here’s how it played out.

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Hunted Winners, Holly and Jimi (Image - 10)
Hunted Winners, Holly and Jimi (Image – 10)

With 27 hours remaining until extraction, the four Fugitives were still at large. To receive the extraction information, they had to make a phone call knowing it would alert the Hunters to their location.

Holly had spent a day bush weeding in Anglesea with strangers, forming an unexpected bond with Jasmine, who lent her phone for the extraction call. The call revealed extraction was at 2:30pm at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. At Hunted HQ, the Hunters swiftly launched their investigation to track down Holly’s helpers.

But Holly had already received a lift to Melbourne with Rob, who had kindly provided her refuge for the night. The emotional rollercoaster continued as they discovered Jasmine’s crucial role in Holly’s escape, and subsequently where she was headed.

Despite Jimi using a random pay phone to make his call, the Hunters were alerted immediately, Ground Team Bravo were sent to investigate, while Hunted HQ analysed CCTV footage. As the Hunters diligently pursued leads, Jimi managed to stay ahead, finding accommodation in a hotel near the MCG for his last night on the run.
After staying at a kind stranger’s home, Tharren and Jordan borrowed her car and drove to the outskirts of the city to make their extraction call from a payphone.

They swiftly left the city, heading to their friend Ben’s house for their final night on the run. Being the last Fugitives to make the call, the Hunters quickly found CCTV footage of them together but not much else, prompting Hunted HQ to launch a social media campaign to seek help from the public in capturing the father-son team.

The following morning brought a breakthrough, leading the Hunters to Rob’s doorstep in Ascot Vale looking for Holly. A mix of hope and anxiety filled the air as Team Bravo questioned Rob, realising they narrowly missed Holly, who had already embarked on her daring journey to the MCG, navigating through hidden routes that only a local would know.

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Tharren and Jordan proceeded with their 37km journey to the MCG on foot and asked a stranger for help for the very last time. After convincing a stranger Adam to drive them, they heard the Chief’s public appeal on the radio. Not only did they need to avoid the Hunters, but also the general public.

With a mere 30 minutes to go, Jimi finally left his hotel room and made his way to the MCG. The Ground Hunter teams were all on high alert and quickly confirmed that the chopper’s destination was in fact the MCG. Knowing the extraction location, the Hunters immediately deployed all units to the iconic landmark.

Upon arrival, Jordan and Tharren rushed out of Adam’s car prematurely, mistaking Team Charlie for another Fugitive pair. Although Team Charlie had eyes on them, Tharren and Jordan managed to slip away and split up, but after an emotionally wild cat and mouse chase, the father and son were captured.

As the chopper landed, Hunted Team Charlie were distracted by the capture, giving Holly and Jimi a chance to make their final run to the chopper. Jimi reached the helicopter unnoticed and was overcome with emotion, shedding tears of relief.

In a heart pounding pursuit, Hunter Kim spotted Holly entering the MCG and chased her through the stadium. Holly struggled to find a way onto the pitch, but eventually, she slipped through a gate, sprinted to the chopper, and joined Jimi.

The two successful Fugitives, Holly and Jimi hugged and cried with relief, while Tharren and Jordan watch on from the sidelines.

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