Get Ready for BOTCHED Season 8: Streaming on HAYU this August

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The celebrated surgeon duo, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, is set to operate once more in the highly-anticipated eighth season of the hit series ‘Botched’, available for streaming on Hayu from August 4, 2023.

Operating from their spanking new office, the world-renowned doctors are primed to tackle some of the most intricate cases they’ve ever faced. This season, they’re restoring not just bodies, but also lives marred by botched surgeries, birth defects, and dreadful accidents. All this while, their endearing camaraderie and lively banter promise to keep audiences thoroughly entertained.

Amongst this season’s patients is a widow who survived a near-fatal infection after a routine tummy tuck surgery. The procedure was meant to mark a new chapter following her husband’s unexpected demise in a workplace accident, but instead left her stomach misshapen.

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Another patient had multiple surgeries as an infant to correct a rare condition that placed her intestines outside her body. The life-saving operations have left her with an abdomen covered in lumps and scars.

There’s also a case of a woman with an aggressive skin cancer form, who underwent a lengthy 10-hour surgery that necessitated a prosthetic to cover a sizeable facial void. The woman has since struggled with her appearance.

Other intriguing cases include a woman bearing a foot ‘bump’ resultant of a childhood nail-step accident and a dog bite victim who underwent 20 unsuccessful surgeries to restore her nose tip.

The critically-acclaimed ‘Botched’ is an Evolution Media production, with Alex Baskin, Matt Westmore, Joe Kingsley, Jen McClure Metz, Sarah Kane, and Ben DeNoble as the executive producers. Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif also serve as executive producers of the show.

Get ready to be stitched up with laughter as ‘Botched’ returns for an eighth season, exclusively streaming on Hayu from August 4.

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