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Unveiling the Origins of COVID-19: iWonder’s Controversial New Documentary Explores Lab Leak Theory

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The once-taboo theory that COVID-19 could have originated from a Chinese laboratory is gaining widespread traction, a topic thoroughly examined in iWonder’s incendiary new documentary, ‘Did COVID Leak from a Lab?’

The documentary, set to premiere on Tuesday, 27th June, delves deep into the controversy that the virus, which triggered a global pandemic, might not have been a natural occurrence but rather a product of human manipulation.

Initially, the consensus was that the virus jumped from animals to humans at a wet market in Wuhan, China. However, the documentary questions the striking coincidence of the outbreak’s epicentre being in close proximity to a virology laboratory renowned for its extensive research on coronaviruses.

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The documentary showcases ongoing attempts to unveil the virus’s origins, which have repeatedly been obstructed, not only by Chinese authorities but also by the international scientific community and leading science publications.

Moreover, it highlights a classified US intelligence report leaked and published by the Wall Street Journal in February 2023 that attributes the responsibility for the outbreak to the Chinese lab.

Adrian Chia, Head of Content at iWonder, commented,

“The idea that COVID-19 could have leaked from a Chinese lab is increasingly being considered as more credible voices join the chorus of those questioning the authenticity of the Wuhan wet market story.”

The film makes a compelling case for a different truth, which, if confirmed, could significantly alter the historical perspective of the pandemic.

iWonder is offering the documentary free of charge to new users as part of a 14-day trial period, along with access to over 1,000 acclaimed documentaries. Priced at $6.99 monthly or $69.90 annually, viewers can stream iWonder on various platforms including iOS and Android apps, Telstra TV, Amazon Prime Video Channels, Optus SubHub, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Apple’s Airplay, and browsers at www.iwonder.com.

‘Did COVID Leak from a Lab?’ is set to premiere on Tuesday, 27th June, 2023, on iWonder.

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