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Broken rules lead to broken hearts on THE BACHELORS AUSTRALIA

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In the second episode of The Bachelors Australia tonight, Ella leaves the mansion and Caitlin, Jacinta and Mikki are eliminated.  

After information overload: three Bachelors, three engagement rings and a very different rose ceremony, there was a Bachelorette walkout and each of our Bachelors said goodbye to one of their leading ladies.

Because more rules were meant to be broken, Tash decided to stake her claim and kiss Jed mid cocktail party chaos and Felix ruffled feathers by putting on a full show and pashing Tilly, prompting Felix’s Bachelorette Ella to tap out of all the madness and send herself home.

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A new day dawned and Osher appeared once again at the mansion stating the traditional group dates are out the window, as are the rose ceremonies. If you’re on a group date, you’re up for a rose, if you’re not on the date, you’re sweetly safe.

After a sexy swim sesh at the Bach Pad, Bella was in her element, Tash revealed her Bachelor ex and Felix got hot with Naomi. At the rose ceremony with the nongroup date ladies sitting on the couch whispering amongst themselves, Jed sent home Caitlin, Thomas sent home Jacinta and Felix said goodbye to Mikki.

Tomorrow night, Jessica’s big secret is revealed but how will Felix feel about it?

The Bachelors Australia continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm only on 10 and 10 play.

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