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Aussie coming of age film 6 FESTIVALS premieres today on Paramount+

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Paramount+ will today premiere its first locally commissioned feature film 6 Festivals.

Written and directed by award-winning director and producer Macario de Souza (Bra Boys, Fighting Fear), aka recording artist Kid Mac, 6 Festivals tells the story of three best friends as they bucket-list six music festivals over six months.

6 Festivals follows Maxie, Summer and James who share a deep bond and love for music.

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James (Rory Potter) is the entrepreneur of the trio, his sights set on a career as a promoter. Summer (Yasmin Honeychurch) has an incredible singing voice. Maxie (Rasmus King, Bosch & Rockit, SFF 2021) is the maestro of mischief.

When James receives a devastating diagnosis, the friends – each with burdens to bear – throw themselves into a whirlwind of festivals in an attempt to escape reality.

Shot at leading Australian music festivals and locations in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT through 2020 and 2021, 6 Festivals features a rock soundtrack of some of the hottest Australian music acts, some of whom will feature in cameo appearances (as themselves), including Dune Rats, G Flip, Bliss n Eso, B Wise, Peking Duk, Ruby Fields, Jerome Farah, Kobie Dee and more.

Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content & Programming said:

“We are incredibly excited that Paramount+ can continue to showcase and champion such authentic and quintessential Australian stories.

This relatable story set amongst our own vibrant live music scene will no doubt resonate with audiences for years to come.”

6 Festivals – premieres Thursday August 25 on Paramount+

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