PODCAST | A Logies gate crasher, A sudden departure from 10 News and The big new shows are coming!


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While everyone in the industry gets over their Logies hangover we’ll bring you the good, the bad and the ugly – and there was plenty of each! | TV Blackbox S07E21

But while there’s a lot to talk about on the Logies front, there’s plenty of action happening behind the scenes at 10 news as some major news drops right before our recording.

In this episode:

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2.21 – BREAKING: 10’s news boss suddenly quits

4.44 – Our big Logies wrap

  • Our reactions to the broadcast
  • The ‘In Memoriam’ controversy
  • The new ogranisers pull off a great event on the ground
  • EXCLUSIVE: Bidding begins for the next location rights with Queensland determined to keep the Logies on the GC
  • EXCLUSIVE: A gate crasher causes chaos at an after party
  • TODAY beats SUNRISE as viewers tune in to see if Karl was hungover
  • Lisa Wilkinson in big trouble over her Logies speech

25.33 – ABC Content warnings

30.04 – EXCLUSIVE: 10’s new breakfast show

33.21 – What we know about these new shows:

  • Million Dollar island (7)
  • Grown Up Love (9)
  • After the Verdict (9)

40.38 – RIP Carol Raye

43.53 – Hatches & Dispatches

45.19 – Ratings Wrap

52.40 – TV Bingebox

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Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight
"Leading TV commentator" - The Daily Telegraph | "Known for his impeccable sources in the TV industry" - The Daily Mail | "Always first with the correct info" - Beau Ryan | Robert McKnight is a highly regarded Australian Television Producer having worked at SEVEN, NINE and TEN during his 25 years in the industry. Publicly he is most well-known for creating and producing STUDIO 10 but has worked on SUNRISE, THE MORNING SHOW plus other prime time productions in addition to creating award-winning news campaigns for both 7NEWS and 9NEWS. Currently, Rob is the host and producer of the TV BLACKBOX, MCKNIGHT TONIGHT and MONSTERS WHO MURDER podcast, and executive producer of AFTERNOONS WITH SOFIE FORMICA on radio station 4BC



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