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Things got messy for JESSE HANSEN, blindsided in AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: BLOOD V WATER

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It was marketed as the most devious move in history, and it most certainly delivered.

Tonight we bid farewell to The Kid in the most jaw-dropping Tribal Council of the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water season, as Jesse Hansen was mercilessly blindsided by his strongest ally, Sam.

The day was off to a turbulent start, with Josh revealing to Mark that Jordie had snitched to him about Mark’s hidden immunity idol, which put brothers Jordie and Jesse on the chopping block.

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Our final eleven castaways competed in pairs for the iconic KFC feast in today’s Reward Challenge, and it was winner winner chicken dinner for Jordie and Chrissy. There was loads of popcorn chicken to go round, so they took along Jesse, Josh and Mark.

Jordie landed his keen eyes on a clue at the KFC feast, and tactically shoved it into Jesse’s shorts without anyone witnessing.

Jordie’s run of good luck didn’t end there, as he went on to win the Immunity Challenge, confirming his position as the new physical threat.

Back at camp, Mark and Josh decided it’s time to remove the brothers from the game, and since Jordie was safe from tonight’s vote, Jesse had to take the fall for his brother’s loose lips.

Jesse’s antenna was up as he started to pick up on the mood at camp, it was far too calm and plans hadn’t been shared with him, which made him think he might be the plan. Using the clue found at the Reward Challenge, Jesse went off in search of the idol, and came up successful.

As soon as he found the idol, up sprang Sam from the bushes, just in time to clock eyes on his new advantage. Sam convinced Jesse to pass the idol on to her so she could conceal it in her sarong for him, while she assured him that he won’t need to play it tonight.

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Of course, Jesse didn’t question Sam’s motives, none the wiser that his closest ally, Sam, was writing his name down at Tribal Council just hours later.

Six votes undid The Kid’s game, which Sam explained to Jesse during their final embrace, was due to his brother Jordie, who she said was “telling porky pies”.

Jesse questioned whether Sam would give his idol to his brother Jordie, as he threatened to burn her game there and then. 

Jesse’s head was left spinning as he explained:

“I’m very confused with what’s going on right now. I really believed that I didn’t need to play the idol tonight. I’m now pretty worried about my brother to be honest, it’s clear Sammy isn’t working with us right now. I’ll be wrapping my brain around that for a long time to come.”

There was a huge audience reaction to the devious blindside:

Things are really heating up on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, don’t miss tomorrow’s episode to see idol-gate unfold with the Joker and the Thief.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water – continues Monday At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

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