Meet the full cast of FARMER WANTS A WIFE in 2021


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Five new hard-working Aussie farmers are set to begin their quest for love in the hope that their first kiss leads to “I do!”

Farmer Matt (26, Orbost, Victoria), Farmer Andrew (30, Delegate, NSW), Farmer Sam (24, Canowindra, NSW), Farmer Will (39, Longwood, Victoria) and Farmer Rob (40, Snowy Mountains, NSW) were all born for life on the land, but agree there’s one thing missing; a soul mate to share it all with.

From thousands of single women who saw their profiles online, our Farmers will choose eight ladies to meet, before inviting five of them back to their beloved farm. 

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This season’s road to love will be even more romantic, with dream overnight dates, luxury country getaways and spectacular group get-togethers, setting the stage for life-changing love stories to blossom. But will romance be enough for the reality of life on the farm?

With 99 marriages and 225 beautiful farmer babies worldwide, Farmer Wants A Wife, hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski, is the world’s most successful dating show.

Farmer Andrew (image - Channel 7)
Farmer Andrew (image – Channel 7)

Farmer Andrew

Farmer Andrew has found love on the new season of Australia’s #1 dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife.

The world’s most successful dating show has struck again and, for at least one farmer, the dream has come true.

“I came here to do one thing, and I did it. I fell in love,” announces the smitten farmer.

Describing himself as a laid-back, genuine guy who doesn’t shy away from a good time, the 30-year-old sheep farmer from Delegate, New South Wales, is now one step closer to realising his dreams of raising a family on the farm.

An unmissable love story is on the way, but one question remains: who has stolen the heart of the cheeky, footy-loving farmer?

Is it retail store manager, Ashleigh (Queensland, 28), community relations manager, Jess (Melbourne, 27) or social worker Rachael (New South Wales, 30)?

While the identity of Farmer Andrew’s new love remains a secret, it’s no secret what Farmer Andrew values in a relationship,

“I’m a glass-half-full type of guy. I like to be optimistic about life. I enjoy a good chat and plenty of laughs.”

Farmer Will (image - Channel 7)
Farmer Will (image – Channel 7)

Farmer Will

Meet Farmer Will, the sheep and cattle farmer from Longwood, Victoria. He’s an honest and energetic, down-to-earth bloke who loves a party but also likes his downtime.

Growing up on a 1500-acre cattle farm, the extreme sports lover has travelled the world, but dreams of returning to the family farm to raise a family of his own.

Will prefers outdoors to indoors, loves the company of animals – over some people – and likes to cook. He says he has everything he could want for: a beautiful farm and an amazing family. All he needs is a soulmate to share it with.

“Love to me is everything. They write songs about it, they write poems about it,”

says the 39 year-old.

“Two of my friends, Rob and Jo, met on Farmer and they’re happily married. They have three lovely children. If they can find the one, hopefully, so can I.”

There’s one slight hitch on Will’s path to love.

“I can be a bit shy around women I like. I’m usually the guy hidden in the corner keeping to himself,” he says.

Farmer Sam (image - Channel 7)
Farmer Sam (image – Channel 7)

Farmer Sam

Farmer Sam, 25, from Canowindra, NSW, is hoping to find real love the old-fashioned way after trying his luck with a dating app only to match three ladies in a 150 kilometre radius – and find out one was his next-door neighbour.

The middle child of seven siblings, family is everything to sheep and crop farmer Sam. Raised on the family farm, he hopes to watch his future children grow up on the same lush pastures he did.

The keen horseman is looking to build a future with a fun, loving and intelligent woman who has a great sense of humour and shares his passion for farming and adventure.

“I haven’t found love yet. I’m the only single one in the family,”

says Farmer Sam, who insists trust is a must-have in any relationship.

“When you go to family events, they say ‘Are you bringing anyone’ and I say ‘Nup, just myself!’.”

The road to love is never easy, and the gravity of making the wrong decision is not lost on Farmer Sam, who will welcome five ladies to his beloved farm in a bid to get to know them better.

“The thought of sending your potential wife home is terrifying,”

admits Farmer Sam, who will romance his chosen ladies with dream overnight dates and luxury country getaways.

Farmer Matt (image - Channel 7)
Farmer Matt (image – Channel 7)

Farmer Matt

Self-confessed Aussie bogan, Farmer Matt, is on a mission to break the love drought.

“My end game out of this is to hopefully find the one, the person to share my life with,”

says the 26-year-old cattle farmer from Orbost, Victoria.

“I picture having a wife down on the farm with kids jumping across the hay bales.”

Born and bred on the family farm, Def Leppard fan Matt takes pride in having the traditional traits of a country boy – he’s honest, loyal, hard-working and respectful. Now he’s looking for someone he can shape a future with, hoping to find a family-oriented woman who loves a laugh and is willing to give farm life a red-hot go.

“This farm, it’s my world. It’s my baby,” shares Matt. “I’m a fourth-generation farmer; we need that fifth generation. We need some little rug rats running around here!”

From the eight incredible women he’s chosen to meet, how will Farmer Matt know he’s found the one?

“I’ve just got to listen to my heart and my stomach and go with that.”

Farmer Rob (image - Channel 7)
Farmer Rob (image – Channel 7)

Farmer Rob

As the oldest of this year’s farmers, Rob has been in love once before and is dad-of-two and says his philosophy is that it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

“I’d love the lightning bolt to strike again and find that true love. It’s happened before in my life and I’m sure it can happen again,”

the Snowy Mountains sheep and cattle farmer says.

Whilst he’d describe Penelope Cruz as his dream woman, Rob is after someone confident who’s happy with their life.

“I’m not trying to make someone else happy, I’m in the game to make someone happier.”

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres 7.00pm Sunday 4 July on Channel 7 and 7plus

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  1. Watching the show for the 2nd night..I found it interesting..Unusual format having all the ladies at the homesteads all at once. Farmer Will’s..decision was made at the chicken coup building..Tammy knew her age was against her..and the kids issue weighed heavily on both ..She said it herself..Still I didn’t think he’d let her he picked her first ..

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