Salvage, Sabotage and a Super Group emerges on THE AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA #AmazingRaceAU


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Teams are divided and alliances are revealed, as tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia landed on the Sunshine Coast.

Heading off to get ‘lost’ in the Glasshouse Mountains, teams paired up for an Intersection. Despite their reservations, The Geek and The Princess Chris and Aleisha, teamed up with The Power Couple Holly and Dolor to do the rescue challenge.

Running off in the wrong direction, Chris and Dolor were immediately at the back of the pack. Quickly recovering, they arrived at the pickup spot just after The Footy Mates and The Bodybuilders. With technology mucking up The Bodybuilder’s lead, it was Chris and Dolor who were rescued first.

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Arriving at the Road Block, The Super Sikhs left first, leaving The Siblings’ Skye-Blue struggling to unroot her ginger. Being part of an alliance came in handy though, especially when The Gold Coast Girls’ Amanda stopped to help out and get The Siblings back on their way. 

Next, teams needed to choose between Cuckoo or Candy in the Detour.

The Cowboys arrived at the Clock Shop first, finding the German flag amongst a sea of noisy clocks. With Chris and Aleisha hot on their heels, The Siblings decided to play it cool, tricking Chris and Aleisha into thinking they were switching Detours. 

Once they had completed their Detour, teams were treated to heart-warming messages from home.

Arriving at the Pit Stop first, The Cowboys were handed a First Class Pass, earning them a day off from racing in the next leg.

With the tough decision on who to hinder and help on the next leg, Brendon and Jackson waited for the final two teams with their Salvage and Sabotage cards.

In the end it was Chris and Aleisha who were handed the Sabotage, while Stan and Wayne were given the Salvage. Find out what this means for the Race, as teams put pedal to the metal in a road trip to Brisbane.

The Amazing Race Australia continues Tuesday at 7.30pm AEDT on the 10 and WIN Networks.

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