60 MINUTES asks whether a Queensland university has sided with the Chinese communist regime

When 21-year-old student Drew Pavlou organised his first-ever protest at his university campus in Brisbane, little could he have imagined the extraordinary chain of events he would set off.

His criticism of China’s record on human rights saw him bashed by pro-Beijing protestors and branded an enemy of the Chinese state. What’s worse, he and his family were deluged with death threats in a disturbing campaign of intimidation designed to shut him up. You’d think the University of Queensland would race to the defence of its student, but it appears instead to have gone on the attack. The accusation that it has sided with the communist regime raises serious questions about its reliance on Chinese money and how deep Beijing’s influence on campus goes.

Reporter: Tom Steinfort

Producers: Thea Dikeos/Natalie Clancy 


Making fire from ice may sound like the impossible. But that’s exactly what scientists have been able to do in the wilderness of the Arctic as a sleeping giant begins to stir. Ground that’s been frozen for thousands of years is rapidly thawing out, releasing dangerous gases on a colossal scale. The result is not only wreaking chaos on local communities but has the potential to rapidly accelerate global warming. Just before the planes stopped flying, Sarah Abo travelled to spectacular Alaska to investigate this worrying new environmental threat that has profound implications for us all.

Reporter: Sarah Abo

Producer: Nick Greenaway



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  1. Drew you are a young man that doesn’t need a university to educate you, you are educating the queeenland university but they have
    missed the lesson, they are selling out Australia for their jobs

  2. I’ve never chimed in on the public forum but after watching the story about Drew Pavlou I feel like I can’t contain my concern. So many questions. Mainly, how can my right to a free voice be compromised in my own home? I enjoy the freedom that Australia affords me. Has this freedom been sold without my consent? The audacity to try and bully me in my own home. I’m not for sale. My voice is not for sale. My freedom is not for sale. Surely I can’t be the minority feeling this anxiety?

  3. Drew you are truly an inspirational young man, Queensland University has conducted themselves in a disgraceful unpatriotic manner. I would discourage any young person to study there as clearly their loyalty & bank balance lie with the Chinese government. Shame on you Queensland University you have discredited yourself by your disgraceful actions. Stay strong Drew & family you will come out of this stronger and far more credible than some.

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