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This week on 60 MINUTES; the fake German heiress scammer, plus a serial domestic violence offender

60 Minutes on Sunday April 18 will chat to Anna Sorokin, the fake German heiress who scammed 60 million dollars, and the man with more than 20 victims of violence and intimidation, and the broken system in Australia to protect victims.

EXCLUSIVE | Seven confirms it will stand by BEN ROBERTS-SMITH despite latest allegations

"Mr McKenzie and Nine are currently Respondents to defamation proceedings in the Federal Court. These allegations are not supported by any evidence filed by Mr McKenzie and Nine in what has been an extensive pre-trial process."

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Peter: The Human Cyborg this week on FOUR CORNERS

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is a renowned scientist and robotics expert. In 2017 he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), an incurable illness that attacks the body’s nerves causing muscles to waste away.