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60 MINUTES reports on an appalling breach of security in Victoria under COVID-19 restrictions

What remains both galling and inexcusable though is how the state government of Victoria lost control of the disease.

60 MINUTES asks whether a Queensland university has sided with the Chinese communist regime

His criticism of China’s record on human rights saw him bashed by pro-Beijing protestors and branded an enemy of the Chinese state.

60 MINUTES investigates the superannuation spending splurge

More than two million Australians have so far found salvation in their super by cashing in as much as $20,000 each.

60 MINUTES investigates the woman closest to Jeffrey Epstein

As Tara Brown reports, for the first time in a long time, the victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief rather than terror.

60 MINUTES gets tough with two big stories from NICK MCKENZIE

For the last four years, a secret inquiry – the biggest in Australian military history – has been investigating whether soldiers from our elite special forces broke those rules and committed war crimes in Afghanistan.

Nine responds to 60 MINUTES story: “This is total fantasy”

News Corp's Sunday Telegraph deliver another exclusive instantly refuted by Nine

60 MINUTES interviews Julian Assange’s secret fiancee Stella Morris

60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown said: “I sat down with Stella Moris to hear of her love affair with Julian Assange and their life together during those years locked in the embassy.

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Victoria’s state of disaster is discussed on Q+A

With stage 3 restrictions now in effect across the rest of Victoria, what is the impact on one of our country’s key states?

Statement from ABC about the death of Aidan Laverty

The rapid and devastating decline of his health has been sudden and shocking to us all at the ABC, especially for those who worked closely with him in our Specialist and Science teams.

What do Australian Ninja Warrior, The Masked Singer and Family Feud have in common?

Olivia Vivian has been the standout competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior and we’ll have a chat with her on Monday morning, after her big Sunday night showdown on Channel 9.