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ABC’s ‘One Nation’ exposé referred to ASIO and AFP

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  One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and senior figure James Ashby   PHOTO: ABC
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and senior figure James Ashby PHOTO: ABC

The minor political party has accused the makers of an investigation into One Nation of being “foreign agents”.

How to Sell a Massacre is an undercover investigation produced by Al-Jazeera, set to air on the ABC tonight. In it, senior One Nation figures James Ashby and Steve Dickson were secretly filmed trying to secure $20m in donations from the NRA with a promise to weaken Australia’s tough gun laws.

Mr Ashby is recorded saying that securing $US20 million in donations to One Nation from pro-gun groups in the US would give the party greater parliamentary power in Australia:

“If you had 20 [$US20 million], you would own the Lower House and the Upper House.”

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Mr Dickson suggests that would guarantee One Nation the balance of power;

“You’d have the whole Government by the balls”.

  James Ashby secretly filmed by Al-Jazeera
James Ashby secretly filmed by Al-Jazeera

According to The Australian, an Al-Jazeera reporter posed as a fake gun lobbyist and set up meetings for the two men in Washington with NRA officials. During those meetings the One Nation representatives were also advised by NRA media adviser Lars Dalseide on how to tackle critics of their pro-gun policies by using the deaths of gun victims;

”How dare you stand on the graves of those children to put forward your political agenda?’ Just shame them to the whole idea,” NRA media liaison Lars Dalseide said.

The exposé comes on the eve of a Federal election being called, leading the party to declare they do not recognise Al-Jazeera’s legitimacy, which is why they have referred the international news organisation to ASIO and the AFP for interfering in Australian elections.

Executive producer Peter Charley has told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell his team have nothing to hide;

“They’re very welcome to call in the police”

Meanwhile, an ABC spokesperson tells TV Blackbox;

“The ABC assesses all content on its merits, ensuring it is consistent with all ABC editorial policies, including recognised standards of accuracy, impartiality, integrity and fair and honest dealing. How To Sell A Massacre is consistent with ABC editorial policies.”

How To Sell A Massacre airs Tonight (Tuesday 26 March) and Thursday 28 March at 8pm on ABC

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