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SCREEN AUSTRALIA invests in 31 new creative ventures

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Screen Australia, a key player in the Australian film and television industry, has recently announced a significant investment in the development of a diverse range of projects.

The funding, exceeding $900,000, is set to benefit 31 projects, encompassing a variety of formats including 18 feature films, 10 television dramas, two online initiatives, and one virtual reality (VR) project.

This move highlights Screen Australia’s commitment to nurturing and promoting local talent, as well as its focus on fostering creative storytelling across various mediums.

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The funded projects showcase a wide array of themes and genres, illustrating the depth and versatility of Australian creative endeavors. Notable among these is the children’s animation series Wishes, which follows the journey of a young girl named Lucy and her Guardian-creature Kino. The series is poised to capture the imagination of its audience with its blend of fantasy and heartfelt storytelling.

Another significant project is Dust, a feature film by playwright Suzie Miller, known for her critically acclaimed work, Prima Facie. Set against the backdrop of an environmental crisis in Perth, the film delves into themes of human vulnerability and resilience in the face of chaos.

Comedian Celeste Barber brings her unique brand of humor to the screen with Codependent, a comedy/drama series that follows the life of Darcy, a marriage counsellor dealing with personal relationship challenges in a picturesque Australian coastal town. This series is expected to blend humor with heartfelt drama, showcasing Barber’s range as a writer and performer.

The slate also includes the VR series Lustration 2.0, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Lustration VR series. This project represents Screen Australia’s foray into the burgeoning field of virtual reality, offering a unique and immersive storytelling experience.

The feature film Matriarch explores the horror genre, with a narrative centered around Connie, a pregnant woman grappling with cultural differences and a sinister ritual in her husband’s traditionalist Chinese family home. The project is co-written and directed by Jayden Rathsam Hua, alongside co-writer and producer Ivy Mak.

Metal Fish Falling Snow is a drama and magic realism film adapted from Cath Moore’s award-winning novel. It tells the story of 12-year-old Dylan, who embarks on a journey across the Australian outback, confronting her identity and fears following her mother’s sudden death.

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The television drama Pick Up offers a unique narrative following Koen, a musician dealing with a chronic illness and the world of fecal transplants. This series promises to explore themes of intimacy, love, and the complexities of health in a modern context.

Senescence, a science fiction series, follows the story of Mia, a young woman embroiled in a corporate battle while trying to save her mother from a degenerative illness. This series is poised to blend elements of drama and science fiction, offering a fresh perspective on familial bonds and corporate ethics.

The young adult film What I Like About Me is a romantic comedy told through the eyes of Maisie Martin, a teenager navigating the complexities of adolescence, love, and self-acceptance. Written by Jenna Guillaume, the film is expected to resonate with its target audience through its relatable and empowering narrative.

Screen Australia’s funding programs, such as the Generate Fund and the Premium Fund, play a crucial role in supporting these creative projects. The 2023-2024 funding cycle includes a variety of television developments spanning multiple genres, from drama and comedy to science fiction and thrillers.

Bobby Romia, Head of Development at Screen Australia, shared his thoughts on the diverse range of projects,

“This diverse slate of projects reflects a rich tapestry of creativity, from animated family adventures to thought-provoking dramas. It presents a wealth of opportunities to showcase and nurture the incredible talent we have here in Australia,”

“We’re committed to continuing our drive to invest in ambitious, quality content for audiences far and wide and I’m excited to see these teams transform their visions into compelling narratives,”

This diverse array of projects funded by Screen Australia not only underscores the rich storytelling potential within the Australian film and television industry but also reflects the organization’s dedication to elevating and celebrating Australian stories on a global stage.

Through such investments, Screen Australia continues to foster a vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive creative community, positioning Australia as a key player in the international entertainment industry.

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