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From Queensland to Melbourne, The Bachelors Australia showcases love’s adventure with 24 seeking hearts. Premiering this December.”

Channel 10 is gearing up for the premiere of The Bachelors Australia, slated for launch on Sunday, 3 December, at 7:30 pm on both Channel 10 and 10 Play platforms. The upcoming season promises a blend of romance and reality, set against the backdrop of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather—a stark contrast to Queensland’s perennial sunshine.

The program will introduce viewers to a diverse ensemble of 24 women, each merging beauty with brains in their quest for love. These women will navigate the delicate dance of courtship, having the agency to pursue their chosen Bachelor while remaining open to the enthralling possibilities of new love with one of the three available suitors.

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Among those swapping the Queensland sun for Melbourne’s mercurial climate are Brea, a Mining Administrator; Jade, an Interior Designer; Kristen, a Tattoo Artist; Mckenna, a PR Manager; and Tabitha, a Registered Nurse. Tabitha, whose romantic endeavors she likens to the film 27 Dresses, stated,

“no matter how hard I’ve tried to find the one, I’m always the bridesmaid and never the bride.” Her journey reflects the aspirations of many seeking that cinematic love story.

Crossing the nation from Western Australia is Ellie, a Beauty Therapist, while Mel, an Indigenous Mentor, arrives from the Northern Territory. South Australia contributes Evie, a Professional Development Specialist, who, though skeptical about love at first sight, does believe in the possibility of a spark upon a first encounter.

New South Wales sends a contingent including Aarthi, a Health Projects Manager; Amelia, a Nursing Student; Carla, a Hairdresser; Dana, a Medical Researcher; Holly, an Environmental Scientist; Lana, a Category Manager; Lisa, an Interior Design Student; and Nella, a Pageant Queen and Flight Attendant.

Victoria, playing host to the show, also showcases local talents such as Anastasia, a Property Developer; Angela, a Business Owner; Angie, a Make Up Artist; Caitlin, a Jewellery Salesperson; Chrystal, an IT Analyst; Maddison, a Marketing Specialist; Natalie, a Project Manager; and Yasemin, a Model. Yasemin, a long-time admirer of the series, expressed her adoration for past participants Sam and Snezana, remarking,

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect couple than Sam and Snezana. I want that kind of love, so pure and beautiful.”

The series stands as a modern-day chronicle of romance, offering these confident, intelligent women a platform to pursue love. As The Bachelors Australia embarks on its latest season, the question on everyone’s lips is: Who will capture the heart of a Bachelor? The unfolding tale is as timeless as the pursuit of love itself.

The Bachelors Australia on Channel 10 and 10 Play – Premieres Sunday, 3 December At 7:30pm.

Note: Due to an ongoing dispute regarding editorial independence, the 10 Network and its parent company ViacomCBS declined to provide assistance with the preparation of this content.

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