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THE BLOCK’s epic conclusion to building: Gnomes, gardens and surprises

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After twelve weeks of intense competition, bruised thumbs, and sleepless nights, The Block reached its climactic conclusion.

This week, the contestants not only unveiled their front facades but also touched up their previous efforts inside their homes. As everyone prepared for judgment day, the Melbourne weather added its own drama, turning foul just as the painting on the house exteriors wrapped up.

The Block isn’t just about bricks and paint. It’s also about camaraderie, rivalry, and unexpected twists. One such twist this week centred around a gnome. Gossip on Hampton East’s streets whispered that Leah and Ash were clueless about Kyle and Leslie selling their gnome to Steph and Gian. While most were privy to this secret trade, Eliza and Liberty seemed displeased. Was this gnome trade a last-minute dig at Leah and Ash?

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With a hint of nostalgia in the air, Scotty Cam drove up to Hampton East, calling “tools down” for the final time. Our Blockheads have come a long way, and it was now time for the judges, including special guest garden guru Dave Franklin, to weigh in.

House No.1: Kyle and Leslie

The judges were thoroughly impressed with the turntable in front of Kyle and Leslie’s abode, deeming it a splendid first impression. However, eyebrows were raised at the grey paint shade on the facade – a suggestion from Scotty Cam. Upon entering, everything seemed cohesive, especially with the absent living room wall. The garden showcased a harmonious blend of modernity with a hi-tech turntable and a soothing water feature. Dave Franklin drew parallels with their backyard, praising its design. Other highlights included the Dover White Colorbond cladding, the Holcim Geostone driveway, and the Auto Remote Access garage door. Overall, despite the facade’s paint choice, the judges lauded it as a house with charisma.

House No.2: Leah and Ash

House No.2 was a hit amongst the judges. The facade and garden stood out with unique colour choices, fencing, and plants. Inside, the staircase captivated their attention. Darren expressed his admiration for the way the old and new aspects blended, especially with the thoughtful plant selections and the creative garage wallpaper. Marty envisaged potential buyers getting enamoured, particularly with the garden bench, emphasizing its “turnkey and finished” appeal.

House No.3: Kristy and Brett

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This week’s offerings from Kristy and Brett exhibited significant improvements. The garage, plant choices, and functional spaces didn’t go unnoticed. Darren appreciated the Design 10 charred black timber complementing the James Hardie cladding. The paint mishap on the gate was overlooked due to unexpected rain, but the judges couldn’t help but notice the seamless flow from the garage to the home.

House No.4: Steph and Gian

A sense of jubilation enveloped the judges as they entered Steph and Gian’s front garden. They were wowed by the stacked stone fireplace, the travertine path, and the diverse plant species. Marty pointed out its spacious off-street parking, a standout feature amongst the Block houses. However, some concerns were raised about the dimly lit foyer, but Darren defended it, appreciating the contrasting yet harmonious design elements.

House No.5: Eliza and Liberty

Praise flowed for Eliza and Liberty’s timber-clad garage door, a “Best on The Block!” moment according to the judges. The garden, with its hedging, lawn, seating area, and the Porsche-themed Grafico mural in the garage, drew positive feedback. However, Marty expressed concerns about the tucked-away front door, though he acknowledged the house had attributes that potential buyers would find appealing.

Kyle and Leslie8888 ½32 ½
Leah and Ash9 ½9 ½9 ½9 ½38
Kristy and Brett8 ½98 ½935
Steph and Gian9 ½9 ½99 ½37 ½
Eliza and Liberty898 ½934 ½

As the scores tallied up, suspense heightened. Leah and Ash opted to play their gnome, a move that saw them shocked when Steph and Gian played theirs, revealing the gnome they had acquired from Kyle and Leslie.

In the end, Leah and Ash emerged triumphant, driving away not just with pride but also a sparkling Ford Mustang Mach E. This win crowned their Block journey, a testament to their dedication and prowess.

The Block continues 7:30pm Monday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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