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THE BLOCK RECAP | Eliza and Liberty’s Backyard Backlash!

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Gearing up for The Block’s finale? Get the scoop on rising tensions & game-changing moves.

The Block is heading into its final week and emotions are running high for the contestants as they gear up to finish their front gardens and final touches on their houses.

Eliza and Liberty are reeling from the criticism they received for their backyard designs. Despite pouring their heart and soul into the project, the judges’ feedback left them disheartened.

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The duo decided to take some time off from The Block, to process the critique and find the motivation to move forward.

On the financial front, Kyle and Leslie find themselves in a tight spot. Their budget is stretched thin, prompting them to brainstorm solutions. A lightbulb moment ensues, leading them to consider selling their gnome to House No.4’s Steph and Gian.

If this transaction goes through, not only will it boost their budget, but it might also be the strategic move that prevents Leah and Ash from clinching the coveted Ford Mustang.

Leah and Ash have been tactically holding onto their gnome for weeks, eyeing the Mustang as their endgame prize. Their neighbours’ potential sale could threaten their plans.

Host Scotty decided to bring everyone together for one last dinner, aiming to celebrate their journey. However, the atmosphere was far from jubilant. Eliza and Liberty, still processing their emotions, chose to abstain from the gathering. Meanwhile, the tension between Leah and Leslie reached a climax.

Their conversation post last week’s events led to a stalemate, marking what seems like an end to House No.1 and House No.2‘s alliance.

The Block continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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