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MKR RECAP | BBQ Kings Overthrown by Melbourne’s Nick & Christian on MY KITCHEN RULES

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In a gripping episode of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) last night, Melbourne’s culinary wizards Nick and Christian demonstrated their mettle, racing to the top of the leaderboard, a move that sent shockwaves amongst the competing teams.

Their initial attempt at chargrilling had fallen flat. However, they made a comeback with an entrée: Chargrilled Octopus accompanied by Eggplant Puree and Pickled Cucumber. Judge Manu observed after glimpsing the menu,

“We had an issue with the chargrilled fish last time, they better deliver on this one tonight.”

The entrée, served with the finesse of fine dining, received mixed reactions. Sonia appreciated its elegance, commenting, “sophisticated, elegant and beautiful altogether”. Contrarily, Claudean critiqued the lack of chargrill flavour, pointing out, “Somebody needs to tell the boys how to char something.”

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Impressively, both Manu and Colin praised the dish. While Manu believed it could use “a pinch of salt”, Colin expressed he’d dine at Nick and Christian‘s eatery if such dishes were on the menu.

Boosted by the positive feedback, the duo presented their main dish: Short Rib Souvlaki, with Nick detailing its inspiration: “This main is combining my Greek heritage and Christian’s barbecuing techniques. It’s the two of us rolled into a pita.” The dish’s design required diners to assemble their souvlaki, and Christian gratefully noted, “Thank you for understanding the assignment,” as Manu and Colin rolled up their sleeves.

However, the dish had its critiques. Sonia wondered how to enjoy it without making a mess, while Manu humorously remarked, “You’ve got a toilet roll of meat and bread kind of thing.”

With a past dessert mishap in mind, the duo confidently presented their dessert: Choc Malt Semifreddo garnished with Hazelnut Praline. Nick shed light on their strategy:

“Last cook, we had a miserable time with the dessert. This time, rather than working harder, we’re working smarter.”

While BBQ masters Aaron and Chris had previously been critical, they commended the dessert. Chris declared it his “favourite of the three courses”. Colin and Manu also shared their satisfaction, with Colin stating, “You definitely had redemption on dessert tonight.”

By night’s end, guest teams handed Nick and Christian a cumulative score of 27. However, the judges’ generous ratings elevated them to a total of 75/110, surpassing Aaron and Chris.

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Judges’ Scores: Entrée: Manu Feildel – 9/10, Colin Fassnidge – 9/10 Main: Manu Feildel – 8/10, Colin Fassnidge – 8/10 Dessert: Manu Feildel – 7/10, Colin Fassnidge – 7/10 Total Score: 48/60

MKR Team Scores: Aaron and Chris – 5/10 Claudean and Anthony – 5/10 Amber and Mel – 6/10 Sonia and Marcus – 6/10 Patricija and Brigita – 5/10 Guest Score: 27/50 Total Score: 75/110

The culinary battles continue Tuesday on MKR. With Sonia and Marcus ready to reclaim the top spot from Nick and Christian, what’s in store for viewers?

My Kitchen Rules continues 7.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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