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RECAP | Bayan And Eesha’s Burner Phone leads to an intense search on HUNTED

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The remaining teams have only one week left to stay off the radar on 10’s Hunted Australia.

Tonight on Hunted, a search of Fugitive couple Holly and Josh’s apartment turned up a vital piece of information. Father son duo, Jordan and Tharren continued to taunt the Hunters, but it was when Bayan and Eesha took a risk using their burner phone, that the Hunters raced to Richmond.

The notoriously elusive fugitive pair Bayan and Eesha headed to Melbourne’s CBD after a chance encounter with a stranger, who offered up use of their apartment. Without a worry in the world, they meditated and manifested while making their way to the new safe haven.

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Team Hunted (Image - 10)
Team Hunted (Image – 10)

Meanwhile, father son Fugitives, Tharren and Jordan, had remained off the grid for the majority of the Hunt. Feeling confident, they sent a decoy package to the Hunted HQ, using postcards from various towns they had driven past to mislead the Hunters.

As the Hunters received the package, they were impressed by the Fugitives’ confidence, but experience told them that a clue would lie within the package.

Fugitive couple Holly and Josh, faced a new challenge as Ground Hunter Teams Charlie and Delta broke into their apartment. The undercover operation was a success, with Hunted getting their hands on a handwritten diary containing crucial information on contacts.

Vicki from Team Cyber found a lead on a person named ‘Ally’ from the diary, and quickly deployed Ground Hunter’s to interrogate Ally, meanwhile Holly and Josh were headed towards a motel in Melbourne. When the motel demanded ID upon check in, Holly and Josh needed to pivot. Using a borrowed phone, the Fugitive couple tried calling Ally for help, but unsurprisingly Ally was too busy being interrogated by the ground Hunter’s to answer.

They then tried another contact, Narelle, who came through with the goods and picked them up. Not ready to give up on their lead, Hunted HQ placed a tracking device on Ally’s vehicle as a precaution.

Bayan and Eesha ventured outside the apartment for some fresh air, still oblivious to the fact that their burner phone had been under full intercept by the Hunter’s. Thinking it was safe, they connected to a free public WI-FI phone box and unknowingly alerted HQ to their location.

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Thrilled by the fugitives’ blunder, Hunter Team Alpha, Charlie, and Echo immediately raced to scour the 2km area. In a moment of pure excitement and horror, the Ground Hunters made eye contact with Bayan, and the chase of a lifetime began. Would the hunters catch their prey, or would the fugitives slip away once again?

With five days left, eight Fugitives remain on the run as Hunted continues.

Hunted Continues Tuesday 1 August At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play. 

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