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Foxtel debuts intriguing reality series EATING WITH MY EX

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In an intriguing twist on the reality television landscape, Foxtel debuts the award-winning series, ‘Eating With My Ex’.

A reality program of an unusually compelling nature, this show takes audiences on an intimate journey with real-life former couples as they meet up one last time over a meal.

Premiering tonight, Thursday, 1st June, at 9.00pm on Fox Arena, ‘Eating With My Ex’ invites viewers to eavesdrop on post-mortem relationship analyses. The former couples bravely dissect their past disagreements, bravely asking uncomfortable questions in a quest for closure.

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This provocative concept showcases the complexity of human relationships and the pains and pleasures of confronting the past. The questions left unsaid during the relationship are laid bare over dinner, making for riveting viewing.

Whether you’re a fan of romance, drama, or plain human curiosity, this show promises a unique viewing experience.

Eating With My Ex premieres Thursday 1 June at 9.00pm on Fox Arena or watch On Demand

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