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New 3-part documentary series explores SCIENCE AND THE ULTIMATE QUESTION

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Science and the Ultimate Question takes viewers on three fascinating journeys.

This new 3 part series will seek to experience the wonders of the universe, to explore the secrets of life on earth and to probe the deep mysteries of the mind and brain.

And throughout… the ultimate question: what explains our existence?

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Does science shatter centuries-old beliefs about the reality of the supernatural or, conversely, does scientific investigation provide evidence of a mind behind the universe?

In this series, we explore how answers to the big questions of life – offered by traditional religions of Eastern and Western civilisations – compare, contrast and we ask how religious ideas about a transcendent spiritual reality fare under the spotlight of modern scientific enquiry.

Science And The Ultimate Question airs Tuesday 18 October at 9.30pm on Fox Docos or watch On Demand

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  1. Loved it Christianity copping a break surprisingly Groundbreaking Catholic scientists still don’t get acknowledged when covering the Big Bang and genetics at high school because many still assume the church couldn’t possibly support Scientific theory.

  2. Eminent scientists reject the supernatural: a survey of the Fellows of the Royal Society

    Michael Stirrat & R Elisabeth Cornwell
    Evolution: Education and Outreach volume 6,

    Science is not a “war” with religion … no more than it is with the existence of fairies.

    Your program misrepresents (cynically) the “big – bang.”

    Perhaps read Hawkins, “The Beginning of Time.”

    Too much to rebuke, a terrible terrible misrepresentation of science.

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