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60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo will moderate the hour-long debate.

The next Leaders Debate is set to air on Nine, with both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese agreeing to meet for a second time in the federal election campaign.

It will screen on Sunday, May 8 at 8:30pm on Channel Nine, less than two weeks before Australians head to the polls on May 21.

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Viewers unable to watch on the main channel can catch it live on 9Now or watch it streamed on

Unlike the first debate hosted by Sky News Australia, and moderated by political reporter Kieran Gilbert, the second debate will not be held in front of a forum of 100 undecided voters.

Instead, three journalists will be asking questions to both leaders, with 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo set to moderate.

Nine political editor Chris Uhlmann, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald chief political correspondent David Crowe and Nine radio host Deborah Knight are the journalists tasked with asking questions.

Nine’s director of news and current affairs, Darren Wick, said:

“They are three of the most experienced journos in the country, Deb had a long stint in the press gallery, she hears talkback every day, she hears people’s pain points in terms of hip-pocket and economic issues.

“No one has any agendas coming into it, and neither leader has made any requests. Nothing is off the table.

“People want to know where each of the parties stand and where the leader stand, they want to see the leaders tested.”

Some viewers watching the debate at home will be polled for their verdict on the debate, with more details to come.

At the previous Leaders Debate, held on Wednesday, April 20 in Brisbane, Anthony Albanese was declared the winner after 40% of undecided voters committing to voting for him at the election. This was a narrow victory against Scott Morrison’s 35%, with 25% of those attending remaining undecided.

Topics discussed at the first debate ranged from funding for the NDIS, housing affordability, nursing shortages, floods and the National Integrity Commission.

Just over 415,000 viewers across Sky News’s subscription, free-to-air and online platforms tuned into the hour-long ‘people’s forum’.

The ABC and Seven networks have also been pushing for debates on their free-to-air channels ahead of election day on May 21.

The second Leaders Debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese will air Sunday, May 8 at 8:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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Matthew Simmonds
Matthew Simmonds
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